Dinnerly Vs EveryPlate: Which Meals Delivery Service is Better?

Meal delivery services are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a convenient way to get dinner on the table without having to cook from scratch. Two of the most popular services are Dinnerly and EveryPlate.

Both Dinnerly and EveryPlate are budget-friendly meal delivery services that offer simple, easy-to-cook recipes. 

However, there are some key differences between the two services.

Read on to learn more about Dinnerly and EveryPlate, and how they compare in terms of price, recipes, and ease of use.

Dinnerly Vs EveryPlate
Dinnerly Vs EveryPlate

Dinnerly Vs EveryPlate – Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons Of Dinnerly


  • Affordable
  • Simple-to-follow recipes
  • Choose from 28 recipes each week
  • Prepare meals in 5 steps
  • Options for different dietary requirements


  • Extra shipping costs
  • Meals lack flavor and diversity
  • Orders are limited to only 2-4 people

Pros and Cons Of EveryPlate


  • Fast and easy recipes
  • Affordable pricing
  • Choose from 28 recipes each week
  • Option to add additional protein
  • Numerous spiced dishes and interesting flavors


  • Doesn’t cater to special dietary needs
  • Seldom includes organic ingredients
  • Extra shipping costs

Pricing Comparison

Number of PeopleDinnerly Price Per ServingEveryPlate Price Per Serving
2$6.39 (+$9.99 shipping)$5.89 (+$9.99 shipping)
4$5.69 (+$9.99 shipping)$4.99 (+$9.99 shipping)

Dinnerly and EveryPlate both market themselves as low-cost, easy-to-use alternatives to more expensive meal kit services.

A single meal from Dinnerly costs between $4.29 and $4.99, depending on how many you order. 

However, this cheap price tag does not imply that Dinnerly cuts corners on quality ingredients. 

Instead, they take a more simple approach to meals than many other meal kit companies, using digital recipe cards rather than paper, minimal ingredients per dish, and modest packaging.

All EveryPlate meals cost $4.99 per person. EveryPlate is an excellent value even though it is a few cents more expensive than Dinnerly. 

EveryPlate focuses on simple dishes made with high-quality ingredients that don’t require any additional frills or fuss.

Both Dinnerly and EveryPlate charge a $9.99 shipping fee, which contributes to the low cost per meal.

While shipping costs are similar, Dinnerly offers a better overall value if you purchase four servings for five or six meals each week. 

For smaller orders, EveryPlate is the most cost-effective option.

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Meal Choices

In terms of quantity and variation in their menu mix, Dinnerly and EveryPlate adopt similar strategies to their main offerings. 

Neither service has a clear advantage here, but there are some things to consider, particularly if you want any customization or add-ons.

Meal Choices of Dinnerly

Dinnerly meal options vary weekly, and customers may choose the meals they want from a weekly menu. 

There are simple comfort meals like pot pies and cheeseburgers, as well as more inventive delicacies like pork shawarma or chicken curry.

Dinnerly offers 16 weekly meal options, as well as protein diversity packs that include pork and chicken. 

However, for vegetarians, Dinnerly caters to this group somewhat better than EveryPlate, with five meal options every week.

Protein-only packs containing ground beef, chicken breast, and shrimp are also available. Dessert options are also available!

Meal Choices of EveryPlate

EveryPlate also offers options ranging from traditional American meals to cuisine from across the world. The menu is updated weekly, with 16 different meals to pick from.

Feta bowls and green chickpea, sweet chili pork tacos, and chicken sausage orzo pilaf will delight both adventurous and fussy eaters. 

In general, we think that EveryPlate outnumbers Dinnerly in terms of available meal options, although Dinnerly appeals to a more typical American palette.

The only major difference between Dinnerly and EveryPlate’s menu options is in add-ons and customizations, which are relatively weak on both sides. 

While EveryPlate does not offer any add-ons other than the protein pack, you may personalize specific weekly meals by switching out the proteins or vegetables for an additional cost. 

There is no option to customize Dinnerly, but it does include one dessert and one breakfast every week if you want to add them.


EveryPlate and Dinnerly both provide delicious meals that will make you look forward to dinnertime! 

However, EveryPlate has a slight advantage in terms of variety and expertise, while Dinnerly excels in terms of comfort foods.

Flavor, Freshness & Quality of Dinnerly

The freshness and quality of Dinnerly’s ingredients amazed us. Everything came in great condition, with no packaging contents spilled.

Our favorite recipe was the Mac & Cheese Shepherd’s Pie; it was filling and flavorful while using few ingredients.

The food and taste profiles were diverse, and it seemed that there was a fine selection of options to accommodate different palates. 

While some may say that the meals lack taste due to the use of few ingredients, we did not find this to be the case.

Dinnerly meals, in general, symbolize simple, comforting meals that you may have grown up eating. 

Some recent Dinnerly dishes include fried chicken and biscuits, cheeseburgers, steak fried rice, pan-roasted chicken and broccoli, and Irish beef stew. 

If you have fussy eaters in your household or want good, satisfying comfort food, Dinnerly is an excellent option.

Flavor, Freshness & Quality of EveryPlate

Overall, we had no concerns about the quality and freshness of EveryPlate’s products. 

And although everything seemed to be fresh, with no evident discoloration or bruising, we did notice that some of the vegetables were a little underripe. 

This didn’t stop us from eating it, but it didn’t make us thrilled either.

The same could be said about the meat options. EveryPlate uses less costly cuts of meat, and it is evident. Everything tasted fine, although it wasn’t of the highest quality.

The flavors were traditional all-American. Some of the spice and condiment packets did have a salty taste to them. 

Overall, we were pleased with the ingredient and flavor combinations.

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Takeaway ExperienceThe takeaway experience is always a big part of the meal delivery service. 

After all, you want your food to stay fresh and delicious from the time it arrives at your door until you’re ready to eat it.

Both Dinnerly and EveryPlate did a great job in this department. Our food arrived on time and was well-packaged. 

There were no spillage issues, and the ingredients were fresh and intact.

Dinnerly’s Takeaway Experience

Dinnerly is committed to environmental stewardship and has a page on its website devoted to recycling delivery materials. 

Dinnerly’s cardboard packaging incorporates recyclable insulated bubble wrap.

The majority of the ingredients, including the scallions, tortillas, and bread were in plastic packets that could be recycled, according to the recycling website. 

Some vegetables and dry goods, such as potatoes and zucchini, were not packaged.

The vegetables and dry items were separated from the chilled proteins by a simple piece of cardboard. 

A Fidelity Freeze ice pack was in the bottom of the box, along with instructions on how to unload the goods and recycle the packaging.

There wasn’t much to the package; it was similar to the taco kits you can get at the supermarket. 

The tilapia, broccoli, chicken, and ground pork were packaged in branded packaging from their farm or origin.

EveryPlate’s Takeaway Experience

EveryPlate’s meal kit is packaged in a cardboard box with an insulated interior and a drainable and recyclable cooling element.

EveryPlate does feature an extremely handy cardboard insert that it calls “tidy trays” on social media. 

The tray essentially works as a little caddie for ingredients, making it simple to remove them from the box and place them in the fridge.

With the exception of the cardboard packaging parts, all of the ingredients are either loose or packaged in plastic. 

These flexible plastic bags are often thrown in the trash, making them an unappealing option for anyone concerned about their plastic use.

Overall, we thought the EveryPlate packaging strategy made sense, was a little handy, and was consistent with the amount and style of packing we’ve come to anticipate from these kits.

Customer Service

One of the most important factors in choosing a meal delivery service is customer service. 

If something goes wrong with your order or you have a question, you want to know that someone will be there to help you.

Customer Service of Dinnerly

Dinnerly’s customer support options include email, an online submission form, a chatbot, a phone number, and a FAQ section, which is divided into account administration, delivery, payments, and vouchers for family and friends.

Dinnerly’s submission form response time might sometimes take much longer than the advertised 72 hours. If you contact them through email, you will get a direct response within 24 hours.

EveryPlate’s Customer Service

EveryPlate’s customer service team is available 24/7 through a live chat option, and the staff on the other end is polite and responsive.

If you prefer to talk with a representative over the phone, there’s a nice window of opportunity—phone lines are open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET on weekdays.

Final Verdict

Dinnerly and Every Plate are both excellent meal delivery services, but they have their own unique strengths. 

Dinnerly is perfect for fussy eaters or anyone who wants comforting traditional American meals, while Every Plate offers more environmentally-friendly packaging and a wider variety of flavor combinations. 

Both services are reliable and convenient, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference. 

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Are meal delivery services worth it?

Meal delivery services can be a great way to save time and money, as well as reduce food waste.

They can also help you eat healthier by providing pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes. 

How much do meal delivery services cost?

Meal delivery services typically range in price from $60 to $120 per week.

The exact cost will vary depending on the service, the number of people being served, and the frequency of delivery.

Which is better for vegetarians: Dinnerly or EveryPlate?

Dinnerly caters to a wide range of dietary preferences, including vegetarianism.

EveryPlate also offers a few vegetarian-friendly options, but Dinnerly is the better choice for vegetarians overall.

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