DoorDash Review – Is it worth Of 2022?

Doordash is the largest meal delivery platform in the United States. DoorDash is an online meal ordering and delivery service.

Customers make an order at one of the dozens of eateries before agreeing to a delivery fee and tip. The software then sends orders to “Dashers” who are logged on.

DoorDash Review
DoorDash Review

It is one of the greatest gig economy platforms accessible, and as a Dasher, you may make money by delivering meals from restaurants to their consumers.

Furthermore, Dashers keep 100% of all tips, and top Dashers may routinely make up to $150 every day.

The hours are also flexible, and you may work whenever it is convenient for you.


Meal Delivery ServicesDoorDash
Promo Code DDSAVE50, TRYME25
Key Features Reliable, convenient, and reasonable
Service Start $9.99 per month
DistinctionDelivery service only
WebsiteClick Here

What is DoorDash?

What is DoorDash?
What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a company that connects hungry customers to eateries in nearby areas for easy delivery.

This service has a partnership with more than 300,000 restaurants in 850 different cities.

You need to scroll through the options available, from local sushi restaurants and other boutique bakeries to national chains like Cheesecake Factory and Chipotle. 

So, DoorDash is just a go-between for customers and favorite restaurants.

Hence, this convenient and reliable company leaves the prep and cooking to the pros.

It focuses on connecting customers to favorite spots and meeting the needs of a busy society with pre-scheduled orders, group ordering features, and speedy deliveries.

They ensure that the food is as piping-hot as it arrives as it was when it just left the kitchen. 

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Why Choose Doordash?

DoorDash is one of the most popular meal delivery services. Right present, DoorDash, and other food delivery services are playing a significant role in assisting homes in getting their groceries each week and staying supplied.

They also provide folks with a means to supplement their income as a side hustle.

In the past, full-time employees and students would take on side occupations delivering pizza to supplement their income.

And it may be a terrific way to supplement your income! You may now deliver for practically any restaurant chain by becoming a “Dasher” or a DoorDash driver.

So, Doordash is not only an app that you order food from any kind of restaurant you wish that is around your neighborhood but also a great way to earn some extra bucks on the side without too much hassle.

How to use DoorDash?

Using Doordash is as simple as it gets and it does not take more than 10 minutes if you know what you are getting and from which restaurant.

Let’s take a look at how to use Doordash.

  • Either download their app or use their website which is
  • Once you are on either of the platforms, you have to sign up or log in to your account before you make any orders.
  • After you are in your account, if this is the first time we advise you to save your address to your profile so that Doordash can give you the restaurants that deliver to your house in your neighborhood.
  • When you finish writing up the details and choosing your neighborhood as the point of delivery, you can freely navigate to the restaurants sections to choose the restaurant/bar/café that you want to order from and take a look at their menu for as long as you wish until you decide on an order. You can freely order anything you want but be aware that many restaurants apply a minimum order limit in order to match the costs spent sending the order and most of them mainly takes delivery fee and this delivery fee is not included in the minimum order limit. So, you have to check that limit and make sure that you can go over that limit excluding the delivery fee.
  • After choosing the place you are going to order, and the food you want to eat, the next step is to go ahead and make your purchase. It will ask you to choose your address (if you have written down one in your profile, if not, it will ask you to write down an address).
  • Once you are done writing your address, now it is time to make the payment and order your food. You can also track the courier if you want (not applicable to every order) and make sure everything is in order with your food and your order.
  • You should get your food in the given average delivery time.

Key features of DoorDash

As mentioned below are among a few of the most notable features of DoorDash:

Reliable and convenient

DoorDash is a simple, easy-to-use, and reliable service that delivers meal kits.

From a wide range of recipes, you can choose your favorite one according to your preferences.

Once you have ordered your meal from your favorite restaurant, you need not worry about its arrival. Timely delivery is the pride of DoorDash.

Easy to use

This service is readily usable for everyone. You need to open the site and register as a customer on the DoorDash app either you are an iPhone user or an Android user.

They have separate applications for both operating systems.  

Packaging quality

Good packaging is necessary for the safe delivery of any object. So, the DoorDash service is much conscious on that ground as well.

Their packaging helps them deliver their meal delivery intact. Like food quality, there is no compromise on packaging quality as well. Every meal is packed wisely.

Timely Delivery

DoorDash is a company that prides itself in the timely delivery of your pre-scheduled orders from various restaurants near you. 

Promo Code of DoorDash

Like many other meal kit delivery services in the United States, DoorDash also gives various discounts to its customers.

A few discount promo codes are following:

  • Consider using this promo code DDSAVE50 to get 50% off site-wide at the DoorDash
  • By using this promo code TRYME25, get $ 25 off wither order from DoorDash

What makes DoorDash better than others?

DoorDash knows the requirement of modern’s eaters.

The reasons why most of the people are dependent on delivery service are family, lack of cooking skills, and obviously Career.

CDoorDash steps in by offering customizable delivery services that cater to busy schedules. 

For example, holding office meetings, customers hosting guests, or planning their family dinner while still lunch can schedule their orders in advance.

Groups can also order through a single collective order cart, taking the entire stress off sticking to a reliable and convenient platform. 

Types of meals available at DoorDash

Your options will vary by your location.

But to give you a taste of what may be available, we entered a few random addresses into the search bar for cities across the country.

These results are not meant to be representative, as the specific address, time of day, and other variables will affect the results. 

Pros and Cons of DoorDash

Like any other thing or service out there, DoorDash also has specific pros and cons that are mentioned below: 


  • It can schedule group orders in advance for parties or meetups
  • Real-time delivery by tracking on your phone
  • “Dasher Pay Model” for drivers increases quality and speed.


  • Some additional fees can vary by restaurant.
  • Extra charges may apply if you do not meet a minimum subtotal.

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Customer Reviews

Victoria Kenny says:

I love door dash. So much better than grub hub. Let me know when the order is received, when it’s being—made, when the driver gets there when they pick it up and is on their way to me, and texts me after they drop it off. I recommend door dash more than grub hub. A little pricey, but it’s worth it.

Harry Fred Wilson says:

DoorDash is an excellent service! It would be best if you remembered to tip your driver. Your recommendation is like a bid for service. If it’s low, it’ll go to the next dasher, and they’ll probably decline too. That’ll happen until you get someone (usually a newb) who accepts it. I always tip $1 per mile the driver would have to go and have always got top-notch service. 

Customer Service

Doordash’s customer service is pretty useful and there are many ways to contact Doordash when you encounter a problem both as a customer or a “Dasher”, a.k.a, the courier of Doordash.

If you are a customer, you have two options to reach them, the first one is via live chat with a live agent that is available 24/7 that could solve your issue immediately, mostly about your current order.

You can also give them a ring at 855-431-0459 and solve your issues right away over the phone without any problem.

If you are a dasher, you may use the same phone number or live chat problem if anything arises.

And if you own a restaurant that serves in Doordash to customers, the same options are available to you, too, with the same number.

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DoorDash comes with customized meal options to select the menu according to your own choice.

You can also choose family-friendly meals according to your family members and taste.

According to this Review, you can surely try this service if you do not suffer from severe food allergies

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Thank you for reading our DoorDash Review, we hope this turned out to be helpful for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DoorDash?

It is a company that connects foodie customers to restaurants in their close-to areas.

Can I trust DoorDash application with my card details?

Yes, you can trust the DoorDash Application with your card details. As this application has verified payment methods.

Is DoorDash sending my order when I make an order from a restaurant?

Not necessarily, Doordash could only be an intermediary that delivers your order to the restaurant in its platform, either through its app or through its website.

Once you send your order to the restaurant, depending on what kind of way the restaurant has chosen, it could either send your order through its own courier like many corporate firms that use their own couriers or make an agreement with Doordash and use their courier service which is pretty common.

Is DoorDash responsible for any kind of mishap that happens from the restaurant’s side?

Yes, since you are ordering through their service, if anything arises, it is Doordash’s responsibility to handle any kind of problem that happens with the restaurant, you only need to talk about that problem with Doordash, and the rest will be handled by them while they give you a solution quickly either your payment back or something else.

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