EveryPlate Review – Is this Legit or a Gimmick?

EveryPlate may be suitable for you if you want to test a meal prep service or are seeking an economical method to serve your family nice, nutritional meals.

EveryPlate is the cheapest meal kit on the market, costing just $4.99 per dish.

But what exactly is EveryPlate, and how does it differ from services such as Blue Apron and Sun Basket?

EveryPlate Review
EveryPlate Review

Does the lower sticker price imply a lesser level of quality? EveryPlate is a subsidiary of Green Chef, which was recently bought by HelloFresh.

While Green Chef takes a more gourmet approach to pre-prepped and portioned meals, EveryPlate promises to be the most cost-effective meal kit on the market.


Meal Delivery ServicesEveryPlate
Establishment 2018
Key Features Convenient and Reliable
Service Start $4.99 per serving
WebsiteClick Here

What is EveryPlate?


EveryPlate is a popular subscription-based meal kit delivery service in the United States. It provides fresh, easy-to-prepare, and affordable meal kits.

By using the EveryPlate service, you can select 3 to 5 meals every week from the menu.

In addition, this company features recipes that can be prepared in just 30 to 40 minutes.

Every order includes a recipe card with step-by-step instructions and all the ingredients you need to prepare your meals.

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Why Choose Everyplate?

According to my estimates, EveryPlate is the cheapest meal kit service Of 2022.

EveryPlate stands out in the crowded meal kit market as the most economical and satisfying alternative, costing less than half the price of comparable kits.

The company’s concept is straightforward: keep it basic with no frills, and you keep expenses down with simple recipes.

EveryPlate is an extension of HelloFresh, so we expect it to know what it’s doing.

But, with portions starting at $5, you’re surely thinking if Every Plate food is any good.

A brief glance at the menus reveals that Every Plate serves comfort cuisine at an even more comfortable price.)

With the sign-up promotion, you may really get your first several deliveries for as little as $2 per dish.)

Other meal kit providers might cost up to $13 per dish, so there is a significant difference.

It turns out that the low-cost food, while not spectacular, is excellent, fresh-tasting, and quite filling.

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How to use EveryPlate?

Using Everyplate, if you know which meal package to get or what to buy from their menu, is an easy, fast, and efficient system where you can find whatever you want.

  • Go to everyplate.com which is their website.
  • Click on “our plans” that is situated on top of the page along with other buttons.
  • Find your plan that is suitable for your or the plan you want to order and click “select this plan.”
  • You will need to enter your e-mail first and start the process right away.
  • After entering your e-mail, you will then write down your address and some personal information such as your phone number and name.
  • Once you finish that, you will move on to the check out page where you make the payment of the selected plan.
  • After making the payment and confirming it, it is now time to choose which meals to get in your package as you can freely choose the meals supported by Everyplate in that package and you can make some alterations to it, as well, if you wish, depending on your needs or wants.

Plans and Pricing

Everyplate has the same price tag for of its meal plates and offer the cheapest option available on the market with 4.99$ per serving for most of its meal package and it is the same whether you get the classical package or the easy one.

MealsPrice for 2 People per servingPrice for 4 People per serving
ClassicPlate3 meals/week – 5.49$4 and 5 meals/week – 4.99$3,4, and 5 meals/week – 4.99$
VeggiePlate3 meals/week – 5.49$4 and 5 meals/week – 4.99$3,4, and 5 meals/week – 4.99$
FamilyPlate3 meals/week – 5.49$4 and 5 meals/week – 4.99$3,4, and 5 meals/week – 4.99$
EasyPlate3 meals/week – 5.49$4 and 5 meals/week – 4.99$3,4, and 5 meals/week – 4.99$

Key features of EveryPlate

As mentioned below are among a few of the most notable features of EveryPlate:

Easy to cook

All the required ingredients come proportionally. You are supposed to open the package and follow the basic instructions in preparing your meal.

Instructions are mentioned on the recipe card that comes along. This makes your cooking a hell of fun. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to prepare your meal.

Scheduled delivery

After selecting the meal of your choice, you can also set the time to get your meals delivered.

This thing is very convenient for customers when traveling or want to get rid of delivery tensions. 


All the meals of EveryPlate are approved by dietitians and are nutritious.

Before eating, you are supposed to do a little preparation. Then, you can conveniently order the food for any lifestyle.


Good packaging is necessary for the safe delivery of any object.

So, the EveryPlate meal kit delivery service has focused on that ground as well. Their packaging ensures intact delivery of meals.


EveryPlate is a reliable meal kit delivery service in the United States. You can order the delicious meal of your choice and also can schedule the time of delivery.

So you can give your time to other commitments with no tension of grocery shopping and long cooking procedures.

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Promo Code of EveryPlate

Like many other meal kit delivery services in the United States, EveryPlate also gives various discounts to its customers.

A few discount promo codes are following:

  • By using this discount code 72-HAX81, get $60 off with the EveryPlate box.
  • In addition, you can get $40 off with three meal boxes by using this promo code, PUPPIESNPINOT2.

What makes EveryPlate better than others?

EveryPlate is particularly popular due to its affordable prices.

It is a much cheaper service than many of its competitors like RealEats, and the starting price is just $4.29 per serving.

However, EveryPlate features meals based on specific criteria and offers a wide variety of options as low carb, vegetarian, dairy-free, low calorie, and kid-friendly meals.

Types of meals available at EveryPlate

Classic Plate

Including any kind of meal that Everyplate offers from veggies to meat, seafood, and another bunch of options, this is really a classical plate that brings everything to your table every week at an affordable price.

Veggie Plate

As can be understood from its name, made only with veggies, this veggie plate offers veggie-based meals that is perfect for anyone and everyone.

You can get this plate if you are a vegetarian because it is only veggie and plant-based, so there is no meat or anything else that is against vegetarians.

Family Plate

Being able to feed your kids along with yourself is a perfect deal and you get exactly that with family plate menus.

You get a menu that is suitable for everyone and allows your family to spend more time at the table eating their meals.

Easy Plate

If you are stressed about the mealtime due to the time it takes, the fuss you have to go through and the dishes you have to clean, this plate takes that stress out of you with easy to clean, eat, and prepare foods made specifically to cater that need of yours right away.

Pros and Cons of EveryPlate


  • The rotating weekly menu features 13 delicious recipes.
  • Much more affordable than other plans as its service starts at $4.99 per serving
  • Various flexible plans are available. It is pretty easy to skip deliveries as per requirements.
  • This service encourages eating more home-cooked meals and improving diet quality, and aiding weight loss, on other hand.


  • No offer options for those with specific dietary restrictions
  • It May is not suitable for people with severe food allergies
  • EveryPlate is not an ideal option for people who wish to eat the organic foods

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Customer Reviews

Liam S. says:

I have been using the EveryPlate service for a while now, and I enjoy the different meal programs and the quality of the dishes. Every Plate never gets late; the meals always arrive right on time in good packaging and good condition. I get meals four days a week for dinner, and they get delivered by 6:30 pm every day.

Naomi N. says:

Every Plate has some excellent meals and food choices, and they are indeed a great value for every dime spent. My wife and I love the food a lot which is why we order them regularly! We get them delivered weekly for about 5-6 meals a week for two. 

Customer Service

The FAQs page is quite easily searchable, informative, and it covers answers to all of our common queries. 

You can also reach them by making a call, text, or even email at the details provided on their official website as well. 

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Reaching Every plate and its customer service is not a hard job as they offer two different options to do so, via phone number and via their live chat.

If you prefer calling them up and solving your issue right away, you can freely call them up from +1 (973) 210-4915 but they are only available on weekdays between 6 AM and 11 PM EST.

So, if your problem arises between these hours, you are free to call them up but if your problem happens outside of the working hours of their phone call center.

Their live chat which you can find on their website (everyplate.com) is available 7/24 and ready to help you right away.

Frequently Asked Question

What factors makes EveryPlate different from others?

Its cost makes Everplate different from others. It is much cheaper than other meal delivery services.

What if I have allergy?

If you are allergic to something, don’t worry, EveryPlate git you covered! EveryPlate mentions everything on its recipe card, so while preparing you can have a look and be careful!

Can I customize my meals to specific dietary needs?

Since Everyplate wants to be the cheapest on the market, they do not cater to special needs but you can choose and customize it to a certain level when you are ordering your meal and subscription package to make it suitable to your needs or wants.

How long will the Everyplate meals stay fresh?

It is recommended that if you keep your meals in a refrigerator (and you should), you should consume the foods within a week after getting your meals maximum to keep the freshness at the maximum level.

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