Freshly Review 2022 – Worth Buying?

For people who want to consume nutritious and healthy meals but lack the expertise or time to make healthy ingredients taste delicious, prepared meal subscription kits can turn out to be an easy secret weapon.

Freshly delivers their fully-prepared meals, fresh and tasty, across the United States, keeping in mind your dietary preferences.

Freshly Review
Freshly Review


GuideFreshly Reviews
Establishment 2013
Key Features Fresh and Healthy
Service Start $8.49 per meal
DistinctionFully cooked meals
WebsiteClick Here

What is Freshly?

What is Freshly?
What is Freshly?

Freshly is a meal delivery service that offers an assortment of chef-cooked, fully prepared meals ready to eat in just 3 minutes of heating in a microwave oven.

 Meals pre-portioned to a single serving size have a particular focus on healthy and balanced eating.

The menu consists of many dishes, including gluten-free, low-carb, Keto, Paleo, and high-protein options.

Subscribers can select the dishes according to their likings to include in their plan. Menus are customizable.

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How to use Freshly?

Freshly proposes plans that consist of 4, 6, 9, or 12 meals per week, with a variety of over 35 dishes to pick from.

The menu switches regularly, and consumers can place orders for one week at a time using the company’s mobile app and website.

The whole menu is free of artificial flavors and refined sugars, and several meals are prepared in a gluten-free facility.


Here is the price of each freshly plans:

Four meals per week$11.79 per meal
Six meals per week$9.99 per meal
Eight meals per week$9.49 per meal
Ten meals per week$9.29 per meal
Twelve meals per week$8.99 per meal

Ordering more servings per week can reduce the total price per serving.

Keep in mind that some dishes use premium ingredients which can add a few additional dollars to their cost.

Shipping cost is usually between $4 and $12, calculated at checkout based on your order size and delivery address.

Key features of Freshly 

Easy to use

This service is convenient for everyone. You need to open the meal kit and follow the quoted instructions on the recipe card.

These mentioned steps make your cooking a hell of fun. Moreover, it takes only three minutes, and your meal is ready. 

Reliable and convenient

Dinnerly is a simple, easy-to-use, and reliable service that delivers meal kits.

From a wide range of recipes, you can choose your favorite one according to your preferences, lifestyle, and dietary requirements. 

Nutritional and fresh ingredients

All the ingredients used in preparing the recipe are fresh, and they are high in nutrition.

All the meals are gluten-free, reduced-calorie, low carb, and meat is also raised under strict observations.

The nutritional value of meals is mentioned to make it easy for the customers to select meals according to their dietary requirements. Freshly features healthy and full of nutritious meals


Dietitians and nutritionists have approved all the meals of Freshly.

So, you can enjoy tasty meals with nutritional value designed by professional nutritionists and dietitians as well.

Before eating, you are supposed to do a little preparation for just three minutes.

Then, you can conveniently order the food for any lifestyle. This service helps you get rid of all tensions related to grocery shopping. 

Packaging quality

Good packaging is necessary for the safe delivery of any object. So, the Freshly meal kit service is much conscious on that ground as well.

Their packaging helps them deliver their meal delivery intact. 

Promo Code of Freshly 

Like many other meal kit delivery services in the United States, Freshly also gives various discounts to its customers.

A few discount promo codes are following:

  • To get $50 off with your first five orders, use this promo code MIXED50AFF.
  • And, to get $60 off with your first four orders from Freshly, use this code LAUNCH15.

Why Choose Freshly?

A few reasons for choosing freshly are

  • Easy subscription process
  • Ready to eat food in 3 minutes or less
  • Pre-portioned servings to develop healthy eating habits
  • Wide variety of dishes
  • Substantial portion size
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Customer support service

What makes Freshly different from others?

Freshly offers fully prepared meals every week.

It takes only three minutes to get the food ready to eat. It is customizable, and you can make a selection from a range of healthy and delicious meals. 

Types of meals available at Freshly

Each week, customer can create their custom menu by selecting 4–12 meals a week from an assortment of over 35 recipes.

Meals rotate each week, and new options are added more frequently to fetch some diversity to your diet.

Also, freshly proposes different proteins and sides that can be added to your customized weekly menu.

Plant-based, high protein, low carb, and gluten-free items are also categorized on the weekly menu.

Moreover, the food is pre-portioned, and many enclose fewer than 500 calories. This service can also help people looking for weight loss.

Plus, ingredient lists and nutrition labels make a safe option for people with allergies and dietary restrictions freshly.

Additionally, customers can only filter meals by menu, not by ingredients or dietary preferences.

Furthermore, the meal choices are minimal for vegetarian, vegan, paleo, or ketogenic diets.

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Signing up for Freshly

Beginning the subscription of Freshly is made super easy by its user-friendly interface. Enter your email address and zip code to start the process. 

Zipcode will help in ensuring the delivery service in your area. It doesn’t deliver outside the U.S.

Select the number of meals you want and pick a delivery date. You can schedule a delivery more than three weeks in advance or select a date two days from placing the order.

Freshly Menu

Freshly entrees contain high protein meals with lots of vegetables, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, making them pleasantly filling for the stomach.

Freshly is a gluten-free-certified company, all of its meals are prepared without gluten.

It later added a new line of plant-based food and planned to expand its vegetarian options further.


Freshly states its food is prepared using high-quality ingredients, free of refined sugar and artificial flavors.

The company only consumes meat that has been scrutinized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and is also free of additives, fillers, and preservatives.

 Nevertheless, freshly does not highlight the importance of sustainably sourced and organic ingredients like other companies.

Nutritionally, there’s no substantial difference between high-quality conventionally grown produce and organic, but some customers may prefer organic and sustainable ingredients.


Some of the entrees are:

  1. Steak Peppercorn
  2. Cauliflower Shell Beef Bolognese
  3. Green Goddess Turkey Bowl
  4. Savory-Sweet Chicken Teriyaki Bowl
  5. Creamy Chicken Korma

Proteins and Sides

A few proteins and sides are:

  1. Masterful Mash
  2. Grilled Chicken Breasts
  3. Flat Iron Steaks
  4. Glazed Parisian Carrots
  5. Masterful Mac & Cheese


The food boxes are packed with ice packs in insulated containers to keep the food fresh for 12 hours on your doorstep once you receive your package, un-pack it immediately and put the contents in the refrigerator.

Each serving is labeled clearly with the dish’s name, ingredient list, cooking instructions, nutritional value, and expiration date.

Coming towards the packaging it freshly is doing a marvelous job of minimizing harm to the planet Earth. 

The cardboard sleeves, plastic meal containers, and cardboard boxes can all be thrown in the recycling bin.

The insulation made from recycled denim is degradable, and the contents of gel ice packs are non-toxic.

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Freshly Pros and Cons


  • Ready-to-eat meals save the time requiring in prepping, cooking, or cleaning.
  • Meals are home-cooked by experienced chefs.
  • All the necessary ingredients to prepare a meal are natural, and every meal is free of preservatives and additives.
  • Their menu rotates weekly and gives you plenty of options.
  • These meals are frozen if you are not able to eat them in time.
  • You can choose from 6-12 meals per week, and this service is perfect for singles.


  • There are no vegetarian options available right now.
  • It is a subscription service, so if you want meals for only one week, be sure to go back in and cancel your subscription!
  • Some customers complain that the portions are small.

Customer Reviews

William of Lompoc, CA, says:

I wanted to thank Freshly for its services over the last several month. I have been on temporary duty for the military away from my home and family for nine month. As a result, I do not have access to my kitchen in my current living quarters. I have done meal plans in the past from a local vendor in my last location, but I have never done meal delivery like this before.

Gayle of Clawson, MI says:

I have been a customer for week now. I still look forward to the delivery day. The meal are so delicious and just the perfect size for me. I eat healithier as a result. I can not tell in words how much I enjoyed cauliflower untill I joined Freshly.

Customer Service

Freshly customer support agents are available 24/7 to help you with your queries. There are multiple ways to get in touch with them for their day and night assistance.

  • Call or text 1-844-373-7459 anytime.
  • Chat on messenger
  • Fill the support contact form on their website.
  • Read through Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) for common inquiries

According to Freshly website, its customer support team usually responds to customers’ requests in less than 30 minutes.

Many Freshly five-star reviews admire the customer service department for its quick response, friendliness, and willingness to compensate clienteles for any inconveniences.


Freshly is a fantastic meal subscription service for people who have busy schedules, healthy eating habits, and gluten intolerance. It is also great for couples and individuals.

It is not a viable option for large families as it only offers a single serving size. Also, vegans, vegetarians, and people who are not into healthy eating may not enjoy Freshly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freshly?

Freshly is a subscription-based meal delivery service in the United States. It offers fully prepared meals ready to serve in only 3 minutes.

For further information, go through our Freshly Review.

How can I contact Freshly Customer Service?

The FAQs page is quite easily searchable, informative, and it covers answers to all of our common queries. 

You can also reach them by making a call, text, or even email at the details provided on their official website as well. 

Does freshly offer a trial?

No, it does not offer a free trial, but you can change or cancel meals anytime.

Do you offer personal advice on healthy eating habits?

Not really, but we do own our Freshly blog called prepped that can offer some pointers.

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