Green Blend Review – Why is it so Good?

Between you and me, who doesn’t like smoothies!? And when they are rich in nutrients and taste, it is a deal to die for.

Green Blender is home to delicious and healthy smoothies that instantly caves you into it. Put up your favorite flavor fruits into the blender and blend, blend blend!

Green Blend Review
Green Blend Review


Meal Delivery ServicesGreen Blend
Promo Code GBSAVE10, ROBERT194
Key Features Antioxidant, mineral, and vitamin-rich smoothies
Service Starting$4 per month
DistinctionHealthy smoothies
WebsiteClick Here

What is Green Blend?

What is Green Blend?
What is Green Blend?

Green blend is a smoothie delivery service. Upon subscription, the company sends you five smoothie recipes along with pre-portioned ingredients and other superfoods.

The company aims to let you live your smoothie obsession in its entirety. The ingredients used in the production are organic and good for health.

Green Blend processes different flavored natural food, pack them securely and deliver them to plenty of people who want to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

The food packages are used for different purposes like making smoothies, sauces, spreads, and snacks.

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How to use Green Blend?

Green Blend is relatively easy to use. First, you have to open its website, which is

Upon loading, you’ll get to its home page. It is up to you if you want to sign in or use the website without any email. 

The menu has every possible detail you need. All you have to do is click and continue. 

If you want anything, you can add it to the cart for a later purchase. Your queries can be answered in the chatbox.

Plans and Pricing

Green Blend offers a whole lot of deals for their customers. It gives the all smoothie package for just $249.00

What does it include? The package consists of 1 intelligent food maker, six food pouches, reusable cups, and reusable lids. You have an option to choose between black and white foods makers.

The six intelligent food pouches are the best selling of Green Blend. They are Piña Colada, Berry Best, Purple Camu, Parsley Pesto, Instant CinnaFun, and Green Delight.

Other different types of food pouches are available at different prices too. You can buy sauces, spreads, and breakfast deals from Green Blend too.

Key features of Green Blend 

Easy to prepare

It is effortless to prepare new, healthy and easy smoothies by using this service. It delivers all ingredients proportional to quantity.

You need not be worried about the measurements. Even the superfoods come along in a suitable amount. 

Boost Energy

These healthy and nutritional smoothie recipes boost your energy level.

The usage of fresh and healthy ingredients makes your metabolism work faster, giving more energy to your body.

Weight Loss

To lose weight and maintain good health at the time is not an easy task. These smoothies help you do so with no harm to the body.

They meet the basic nutritional requirements of your body.

Clear Skin 

The mineral, proteins, vitamins, and all kinds of good stuff make your skin clear. As we all know, vitamins play an important role in keeping our skin fresh and healthy.

All these smoothies are rich in vitamins, so they maintain good-looking and healthy skin.


Antioxidant substances reduce the process of aging in humans. They reduce the oxidation of body cells.

If this oxidation happened, it snatches out electrons from the skin and deteriorates the skin’s normal structure.

Natural ingredients bless our body by reducing aging, and we look younger than actual age.

Boosts immunity

Fruits, veggies, and the superfoods used in smoothies have a high nutritional value and can boost the body’s mechanism of fighting diseases.

These smoothies are reservoirs of antioxidants, proteins, minerals, and vitamins required by the body in varying quantities.

Promo Code of Green Blend

  • For $20 off siteWide and free shipping, use this code ROBERT194
  • By using the promo code GBSAVE10, get $10 off on all the orders and free shipping.

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Benefits of Green Blend’s Food

Healthy Living

Health is wealth, and you can attain health only if you indulge yourself with nutritional and healthy food.

Green Blend’s food products are claimed to be highly fitness-friendly that’ll keep you fresh and energized.

If you get enough energy, no one can stop you from doing anything related to your likings. You will find yourself trying to try more and more to succeed.

Easy Access

Green Blend gives you the benefit that you can easily access their items online.

This not only saves your time and energy but also gives you plenty of options to consider working for the better.

Their user-friendly pouches and cups make you a fan of them immediately. It is because they don’t become a headache for you and are easy to use and reuse.

Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, Green Blend’s products are best for you. That is because they make you feel full even if you’ve only taken a cup of smoothie at breakfast.

They will advocate for your weight loss by providing you with all the required nutrients you need to get through life.

In this way, you can make a diet plan using Green Blend products and follow through.

Why is Green Blend better than others?

You get five different easy-to-follow and original recipes with ingredients to prepare a delicious smoothie five days a week.

All recipes have a crystal-clear nutritional value that a body requires for normal functioning.

The ingredients are seasonal and fresh that you receive at your doorstep, along with superfoods.

It costs as low as $4 per serving. This service is only available in 45 states. Also, they use eco-friendly packaging to better the environment and safe delivery of the order.

Types of meals available at Green Blend

As Green Blend is originally a food processing company, there are several meals they offer.

Whether you are looking for a healthy smoothie, a nutritious snack, or a tasty meal, they’ve got you covered.

There are chunks of different foods available in pouches.  They are made with nourishing materials and will give you blissful happiness.

Green Blend also has a variety of spreads available. They are quick to get ready and will enrich your taste buds with their absolute taste.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Green Blend makes it much more exciting by offering their breakfast bowls.

They’ve prepared a nutritious and healthy breakfast that’ll attract you to it immediately.

Other than the meals mentioned above, Green Blend has indulgent smoothies and sauces available too.

They, like the others, are also made with top ingredients that will make you want them more after the first use.

Green Blend Pros and Cons


  • Prices start as low as under $4 per serving.
  • Smoothies served are rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Smoothies are best for clearing the skin, boosting energy, and losing weight.


  • Only smoothies are served – no meal options are available
  • Currently delivers orders to only 45 states.

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Customer Reviews

Nova S says:

I think I love them because they have superfoods that are usually hard to find. I love to match and rosehips which is a bit hard to find in the area I am living, so the fact that these are sent in the box of goodies I received, I’m grateful. Also, they deliver on time, and I have not yet experienced any issues in terms of their delivery. You can easily whip up a fantastic smoothie for breakfast!

Summer M says:

The veggies and fruits in the box I received were fresh, organic, and the most suitable portions for my fiance. I also love the recipes they send because they are super delicious as well. We make two big glasses for both of us, and it fills me up a lot! I love how they have some fruits and ingredients that are hard to find as well.

Customer Service

Green Blend is available on the website, and you can enjoy all their offers by contacting them.

You can message them on the website and ask any general questions regarding your purchases and their products.

You can email them through their website for any issues you are facing. They get back to you professionally and helpfully, assuring quick solutions for your problems.

Green Blend also provides a virtual guidebook for beginners who are confused about where to start.

The guidebook has all the general information you need to continue your purchase.

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At this age, anything nutritious is like a treasure for us. Our everyday activities are increasing, but we aren’t taking enough diet to face the physical challenges that accompany us every step of the way.

Green Blend is taking its part in creating a platform where people can get their favorite smoothies and other nutritious meals on their doorsteps.

This is an innovative idea which benefits the overall health of a person without any effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Blend?

Green Blend is a delivery company of smoothie-ingredient, which is New York City-based. It was launched in 2015.

For more information regarding its customer service or advantages or disadvantages, read our Green Blend Review.

How can I contact green Blend Customer Service?

You can also reach them by calling, text, or even email at the details provided on their official website. 

Does the Green Blend also sell in stores?

Yes, Green Blend is sold through a few different channels. Through our website, 3rd party stores, and wholesale B2B.

Are your recipes nut-free?

Some of our recipes contain nuts. In addition, they are packed in the facility that also processes nuts, peanuts, and sesame seeds. Therefore, if you have a nut allergy, our recipes are not suitable for you.

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