Home Chef Review – Everything you need to know

When I walk around my neighborhood, folded-up cardboard boxes with meal kit logos are seen everywhere.

It does not come as a surprise because these meal kits cook are stress-free and are more fun.

To help you choose a service that suits your needs, we are going to provide you with a genuine Home Chef review.

Home Chef Review
Home Chef Review


Meal Delivery ServiceHome Chef
Establishment June 2013
Key Features Fresh and Easy
Service Starts$7.49 per serving
DistinctionRecyclable Packaging
WebsiteClick Here

What is Home Chef?

Home Chef
Home Chef

Home Chef was founded in 2013, one of the first ‘subscription meal kits’ introduced to the United States.

It is a weekly meal kit subscription service that allows customers to choose from a wide range of comfort classics to chef-inspired, more everyday meals.

It also offers 15-Minute Meal kits, Oven-Ready Meals, Low-Carb, and Calorie-Conscious Meals.

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How to use Home Chef?

Home Chef allows customers to select between two basic plans:

  • Home Chef
  • Fresh and Easy

Home Chef offers pre-portioned ingredients and cooking instructions, whereas Fresh and Easy offers meals that need little or no preparation for people with hectic schedules or less interest in cooking.

Furthermore, both plans can be customized for diverse dietary preferences, including carb-conscious, calorie-conscious, or an assortment of ingredients and allergens patrons can opt to avoid.

When those rudimentary items are carefully chosen, customers merely enter their email addresses to begin the signup process.

They have to respond to a few more simple questions regarding meal delivery preferences, including the number of servings per meal (2, 4, or 6) and the number of meals per week (between 2 and 6) they want.

The next step is to enter a shipping address, select the first delivery date, enter payment information and start selecting recipes for the first delivery.

Deliveries can be canceled or skipped easily through their online portal. You can make changes to the menu and servings as well.

Meals are packed in insulated boxes, labeled with cooking instructions, and are delivered fresh on your doorstep.


Most meal kits of Home Chef are about $9 per serving. But there are some categories like entrée salads and easy lunches that are as low as $7. 

Some meals are more costly, between $11 and $18 per serving. They often include seafood recipes or excellent cuts of beef, but it’s entirely up to you which ones you choose.

Delivery service is free for any order above $45, mostly they are, though it differs depending on your selections. Otherwise, it costs $10. 

Key features of Home Chef

Following are among a few of the most notable features of Home Chef:

Fresh and Easy

Typically, you get two kinds of meal delivery services.

Those who deliver a ready-to-eat meal and those who provide meal items take up to an hour to prep.

The downside to common meal kits is, definitely, the prep effort. Premade meals are easy, certainly, but they cost more and feel less fresh.

Variety and taste

Every Monday, Home Chef sends you an email with about 21 meal options! So, you can make choices from a variety of options.

You can decide your options the entire week before Friday afternoon.

To help you further, you can also fill a “Personal taste profile” so that Home Chef knows what to suggest first.

15-Minute Meal Kits

Many times, you wish to have a home-cooked, fresh meal without putting much effort into it. Well, Home Chef helps here!

On the weekly menu, in addition to “Meal kits” options, you will see 2 to 3 options for 15-Minute Meal Kits.


You order your meals, and they come in an oven-safe tray that has all the ingredients in separate portions of a dish.

All you got to do is pop all the ingredients in the tray, bake in the oven, and eat a bit of delicious food without creating any mess.

Flexible plans including Build-A-Box

Unlike many, Home Chef does not ask you to buy a certain “meal plan.” Instead, you can go for as many meals as you like each week. Isn’t it super comforting?

Protein Packs

When you want to fill your freezer or try to bulk up or host a barbeque, you need a big box of meat.

If so, the Home Chef comes to the rescue! This service provides “Protein Packs,” which you can include in your box whenever you want.

Customer support

Home Chef has an extensive Help Center or FAQ listing questions about food safety and COVID-19.

If it fails to answer your queries, call them or submit a request during regular work hours.

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Why Home Chef?

A few reasons to select home chef as your meal kits service are:

  • Selection from a wide variety of dishes
  • Availability of less prep time meals 
  • Ability to upgrade or swap ingredients
  • Customizable weekly menu
  • No penalty for skipping a week

Is there any better option?

Home Chef comes up with 15-minute meals that solve this issue, but they still need chopping and many dirty dishes.

For this reason, Home Chef comes up with an innovative feature by introducing Fresh and Easy.

Fresh and Easy meals have all the different ingredients in a kit, and you need to put them together to heat them.

No need of chopping, other steps, nothing. Fresh and Easy options come under one of the following subcategories:

Entree salads

Mix all the ingredients in a salad bowl.


Toss all ingredients together in the safe grill bag and let them grill.


Toss it all together in an oven pan and pop it into the oven.

What makes Home Chef different from others?

Home Chef primarily uses recyclable and reusable packaging to protect the environment.

The simple and straightforward procedure of this service is very convenient for customers. Moreover, several delicious meals grab the attention of the dream customers.

Promo Code of Home Chef

You can use the promo code FRESHSTART90AFF90 to save $90 for a fresh start. Also, you can use AFF60 for $15 off the first four orders.

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Types of meals available at Home Chef

Meals can be selected through the Home Chef app and online. You can select up to five weeks in advance.

New items in menus are posted every Friday. Anyone can view their menu, not just customers, to see what to expect before subscribing. 

There is a variety of 20 different meal options, each labeled for a different meal style.

It includes the Culinary Collection, Oven-Ready, 15-Minutes Meal Kits, Fast & Fresh, Grill-Ready, and 4-Serving Meals.

Along with that, there is an Extras section where you can add desserts, bread, and proteins.

After placing your very first order, it will suggest meals for your later deliveries based on your early preferences, but meals can effortlessly be swapped or modified.

Alongside customizable serving sizes for each meal, consumers can add extra meals or substitute proteins to orders.

While selecting your meals, you can substitute proteins, like an upgrade to organic chicken, or substitute salmon for chicken.

Some examples of the Home Chef meals are:

  • Roasted Salmon and Horseradish Cream with Mushroom Parmesan Orzo (Culinary Collection)
  • Hot Honey Crispy Chicken (Classic Meal Kit)
  • Pork and Butternut Squash Chili With Cheese and Sour Cream (15-Minute Meal Kit)
  • Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta with Pepperoni (Fast & Fresh)
  • BBQ Shrimp Tacos with Jalapeno Ranch Slaw (Oven-Ready)
  • Chocolate Lava Cake (Dessert)

Support material

Every meal includes an ingredient list, description, prep time, nutritional facts, and a recipe card with directions.

The recipe card features a fine, big, sleek image so you can visualize the meal and know what to target. 

Environment-friendly packaging

All the pre-portioned ingredients are packed individually in plastic bags and then put together neatly in partially recycled cardboard boxes.

The plastic bags are resealable and labeled with the recipe name. 

The insulated liner of cardboard boxes helps keep the food fresh and is fully recyclable as they are made with recycled denim and cotton.

The box contained ice packs; they can be cut open, emptied, and recycled with other plastic.

Home Chef Pros and Cons


  • Some of the pickings are reusable and handy
  • Easy and delicious recipes
  • Sometimes, the delivery is free of cost
  • Many options to swap, double or skip the protein
  • Very accommodating plans can manage even large families


  • Shipping is not accessible for two-meal plans, two-person
  • Only three vegetarian choices a week
  • Antibiotic-free, wild-caught, and organic meat cost a bit extra.
  • No meals for restricted diets, for instance, allergy-free, keto, and vegan.

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Customer Reviews

Nicole Kowalski says:

We love the meals- they are easy to prepare and delicious as well. however, as others are saying, FedEx is awful and is destroying the Home Chef’s business. We canceled yesterday. Customer Service was very kind and is refunding us.

Lora Petersen says:

So good! So easy, and it takes like restaurant-style! I searched a lot before signing up, and I am glad i did! This is the best, and we look forward to the box every week! Yummy recipes!

Customer Service

The customer support system is prompt and informative. Its website https://www.homechef.com/  is elaborate enough to answer common queries.

It also has a mobile app that is easy to use and helpful.

Using the mobile app, you can track your order, make changes, log the meals you have eaten and bookmark the meals you liked.

The toll-free helpline number is 855-949-3049. The service is available 

Monday–Friday9am–6pm CST
Saturday10am-2pm CST

For queries regarding in-store purchases, you can contact Kroger customer care at 1-800-632-6900

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This Meal service is recommended for anyone trying to learn cooking skills from scratch or reduce their grocery shopping or meal-planning load. 

This is one of the best subscription meal kits service for larger families because it can feed up to six people and is quickly prepared.

It is also suitable for people with picky tastes since it gives so many options for upgrades and swaps.

Home Chef is also ideal for people with unpredictable schedules as its skipping meal option is free of charge.

This meal-delivery service is not a favorable service for people looking to incorporate plant-based meals into their diet in heavy rotation as the Home Chef only provides three plant-based meal kits a week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Chef?

Home Chef is an Illinois, Chicago-based food and meal kit delivering company. This company ships pre-separated ingredients and recipes to subscribers based in the United States every week.

Further, for more details about its plans and pricing go through the whole Home Chef Review.

What are the advantages of Home Chef?

  1. Some of the pickings are reusable and handy
  2. Easy and delicious recipes
  3. Sometimes, the delivery is free of cost

What to do if I receive the Home Chef meal at a warm temperature?

If the temperature is above 40°F, discard the meal and contact customer support, pictures are appreciated for further investigation.

Is there any student discount available on the Home Chef service?

Yes, we offer a good 50% discount on your first order after completing the verification process.

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