Metabolic Meals Review – Why is it so Good?

A healthy meal is everyone’s top priority. A healthy meal is synonymous with a healthy life.

We all look for some source or platform that can guide us into living a healthy lifestyle. The first thing that we think of altering is our meals if we want to achieve our goal diet.

That is what Metabolic Meals is for. They are playing their part in promoting healthy and nutritional meals whenever you want them.

Metabolic Meals Review
Metabolic Meals Review


Meal Delivery ServiceMetabolic
Key Features Fresh and Healthy
Service Start $102.95 per 3 days a week
WebsiteClick Here

What are Metabolic Meals?

What are Metabolic Meals?
What are Metabolic Meals?

Metabolic Meals is a food delivery service that caters to tasty meals at your doorstep.

They have internationally-trained chefs and nutrition experts that monitor each and everything so it can get to you in its best form.

If you are not in a mood to cook food but also want something that is less carb and more nutritious, then Metabolic Meals is for you.

Just order your favorite meal and enjoy it without any worries in the world.

Metabolic Meals have everything in their ingredients that is diet-friendly and natural. So, this is out of the question if you think that they are anything but. 

Why choose Metabolic Meals?

To choose Metabolic Meals is like choosing your health over everything. This is because this company makes meals which have every quality of a healthy and balanced diet.

Their meals are less carb, high protein, and diabetic friendly. If you’re following any diet, no need to worry because Metabolic Meals also have keto and paleo-friendly meals.

They also have meals that are free of any allergens and gluten. What more do you want then!?

Also, Metabolic Meals have internationally trained chefs that cook a variety of meals for a variety of customers. That means that you can get great meal deals on the menu.

Metabolic Meals also try to live up to its name by delivering food that is good for your metabolism.

This is such a great thing because if you have a good metabolism, then you can do wonders in this world.

Choose Metabolic Meals for yourself and also because your body needs it.

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How to use Metabolic Meals?

So, the basic question is about how to use Metabolic Meals. This is fairly easy for a person who knows how to use the internet and knows what he wants.

An email for sign-up/sign-in is all you need to get started. After that, you will get directed to all the deals available on the website.

Think it all through about the meals and deals you need. Then subscribe to the weekly delivery and all is done.

But if you want to pause or end your subscription, it is possible too. For whatever reason you don’t want to continue Metabolic Meals, just go to the website and do it.

Plans and Pricing

Money means nothing if you have no health. So, why not spend your money where you’re certain that it is healthy and also saves you hours in the kitchen?

If you have coupons from Metabolic Meals, then you can easily get a discount on the meals.

This can save you from spending the actual amount but without coupons, following is the plan and pricing for meals.

How much do Metabolic Meals cost? Meals begin at $9.95 per meal before any coupons or promotions.

Depending on your meal, you could pay $9.95 all the way up to $17 for a larger dinner portion.

Shipping is $19.95 per order, and you get free shipping if you order 15 meals.

Their meals cost $25.14 per day and you can get a structured menu for 3,4,5 and 7 days of a week.

Key features of Metabolic Meals

Easy to use

This service is convenient for everyone because you just have to do as the instructions given on the recipe card say as you open it.

These mentioned steps make you are cooking a hell of fun.

Nutritional and fresh ingredients

All the ingredients used in preparing the recipe are fresh, and they are high in nutrition. All the meals are gluten-free, reduced-calorie, low carb.

The meat is raised under strict observations.

The nutritional value of meals is mentioned so that it is easy for the customers to select meals according to their dietary requirements.

Reliable and convenient

Metabolic Meals is a simple, easy-to-use, and reliable service that delivers meal kits.

From a wide range of recipes, you can choose your favorite one according to your preferences. 


Dietitians and nutritionists have approved all the meals of Metabolic Meals to make you enjoy tasty meals with nutritional value designed by professional nutritionists and dietitians as well.

And you can conveniently order the food for any lifestyle. This service helps you get rid of all tensions related to grocery shopping. 

Packaging quality

Good packaging is necessary for the safe delivery of any object. And it is a good thing that the Metabolic Meals service is much conscious on that ground as well.

Their packaging helps them deliver their meal delivery intact. Like food quality, there is no compromise on packaging quality as well.

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Promo Code of Metabolic Meals

There are many meal kit delivery services similarly, Metabolic Meals also gives discounts to their customers and some of its promo codes are-

  • Use this promo code EWILLIAMS20 to get $20 off with your first order.
  • Using this discount code RFAUT5WNTC, you can get $40 off with your first order on Metabolic Meals.

What makes Metabolic Meals better than others?

Metabolic Meals uses pure and fresh ingredients to meet the dietary requirements of the customer. 

  • The ingredients include antioxidant-rich fruits & vegetables, pasture-raised protein or grass-fed protein, wild-caught fish, quinoa, gluten-free grains, free-range eggs, and healthy fats. 
  • And the company features made from scratch, containing organic produce ingredients and pasture-raised protein (grass-fed protein).
  • Ingredients are 100% gluten-free, sugar-free,soy-free, refined grain-free, antibiotic-free, and peanut-free. 
  • They do not have any artificial ingredients and flavors as well.

Types of meals available at Metabolic

Metabolic Meals are pre-made organic meals delivered to your day to be heated and ready to eat. They have plenty of options for you to choose from.

A person can get tired and hungry at any time of the day. In this situation, if you are not willing to prepare something for yourself, it can get a bit too hard.

But don’t you let yourself worry! Because Metabolic Meals offer several meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Oh no! Then what if someone wants a snack? Didn’t we tell you to not worry? Metabolic Meals also deliver snacks!

These meals will not only boost your metabolism but also give your body a desire to eat and be healthy. Metabolism for life and Metabolism to live!

Metabolic Meals Pros and Cons

Like any other thing or service out there, Metabolic Meals also has some pros and cons that are mentioned below: 


  • All the meals have organic, clean, and top-quality ingredients
  • Metabolic Meals features individual and corporate plans
  • It offers more than 150 entrees on the rotating menu
  • Besides breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, you can order treats as well
  • All meals are free from gluten, wheat, and soy 
  • It offers a lot of customization options and flexible subscriptions.


  • This service lacks vegetarian and vegan options
  • Metabolic Meals is not too affordable for some 
  • Shipping is free only if you order above 15 meals from Metabolic Meals.

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Customer Reviews

Maria M says:

I will give my Metabolic Meals an A+++. And I am very picky about my meals, Therefore I wanted a meal delivery service that provides outstanding food with REAL ingredients. I thought that the only way I could get top-quality meals was if I made them myself, but obviously it became too demanding to cook every day with my work schedule.

Sherri Faust says:

I love that the meals prepared are healthy! As I work on long-hour shifts, thanks to Metabolic Meals, or else I would only hace junk food. I thank this company for my health and waistline! I’ve tried some other meal services, and they never delivered the way Metabolic Meals does and It is a little bit expensive but well worth it in the long run.

Customer service

Metabolic Meals have all their meals gluten-free and free of any inorganic materials. They try to make their meals as health-friendly as possible.

If you have any queries about their company or meals, you can directly contact them on their website via email.

They will try to answer your concerns and will make you satisfied enough.

For marketing or advertising, you can also email them at [email protected] 

You can also contact them from their phone number available on the website. If you are willing to visit their office, just go for it.


If we eat healthy food, it will give us its benefits until the day we die. Healthy food is what keeps us alive and ready to face the challenges in this world.

Metabolic Meals is working its part by providing healthy and metabolic meals to a number of people.

This can play a role in maintaining their strength, mental capability, and healthy lifestyle.

So, what are you thinking? Let’s try the services of this website and make your life easier!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metabolic Meals?

Metabolic Meals is a Missouri-based meal kit delivery service and it promises to take the whole stress out of maintenance and weight loss. It features a rich menu of chef-prepared meals. 

All the ingredients used are cleanest, freshest, and designed to help customers shed pounds gradually with boosting health at the same time and you can have further information on Metabolic Meals Review.

What are the features of Metabolic Meals?

  • The ingredients include antioxidant-rich fruits & vegetables, pasture-raised protein or grass-fed protein, wild-caught fish, quinoa, gluten-free grains, free-range eggs, and healthy fats. 
  • The company features made from scratch, containing organic produce ingredients and pasture-raised protein.
  • Ingredients are 100% gluten-free, sugar-free,soy-free, refined grain-free, antibiotic-free, and peanut-free. 
  • They do not have any artificial ingredients and flavors as well.

Can I choose my meals from Metabolic Meals?

Yes! With our My Choice plan, you choose from our wide variety of healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options.

Our rotating menu updates every week with 30+ new meals to accommodate your individual tastes and dietary preferences.

Will I be locked into a subscription to Metabolic Meals?

No. All of the plans are commitment-free. They make it easy to change plans, pause, or cancel at any time. Log in to your account to manage your subscription.

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