Performance Kitchen Review

We are all striving to stock our freezers with nutritious foods to keep us nourished now more than ever.

While sheltering at home, it’s critical to have both fresh fruit and pre-prepared nutritious staples in our freezers to guarantee general health and wellness.

Though most of us now have more free time, it’s convenient to have meals prepared and ready to eat by simply heating them up.

Performance Kitchen is a forward-thinking frozen food company that helps people eat healthier, more nutrient-dense meals.

Their Mediterranean-inspired frozen meals are produced with genuine ingredients and include full portions of veggies, whole food protein, whole grains, healthy fats, and salt and sugar levels that are in the minimum levels.

Performance Kitchen Review
Performance Kitchen Review


Meal Delivery ServicePerformance Kitchen
Key featuresRegional FlavoursFresh & Pre-PreppedVariety of Dietary Needs, Nutrition-Balanced
Service start$107.88
WebsiteClick Here

What is Performance Kitchen

What is Performance Kitchen
What is Performance Kitchen

With ingredients including entire grains, veggies, legumes, herbs, spices, nuts, and avocado oil, Performance Kitchen meals come in over a dozen internationally inspired tastes, ready to fuel busy or even uninspired cooking days.

Handcrafted and blended with regional tastes, Performance Kitchen Crafted meals are delicious.

Though not all of their dishes are vegan, their 150+ small-batch dinners span a wide range of nutritional approaches, ensuring that everyone at the table has something really tasty and healthful to eat.

You can find Performance Kitchen in the freezer section of major supermarkets around the country, as well as in smaller regional supermarkets.

Customers in Seattle may visit Performance Kitchen Crafted locations or pre-order online for same-day pickup.

With a minimum purchase of $98.00, you may get FREE delivery in select Pacific Northwest areas.

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Why Choose Performance Kitchen?

The next generation of frozen food comes to our world by Performance Kitchen, which combines outstanding flavor, whole food, nutrition, and convenience.

Chefs and Registered Dietitians collaborate on all of their dishes to ensure that they are tasty and suit the nutritional demands of a variety of diets and conditions.

We have over 60 different meals to suit a variety of dietary requirements, including plant-based, low-carb, gluten-free, dairy-free, and medically customized meals for chronic diseases.

The objective of Performance Kitchen is to transform the way people eat by creating healthy frozen meals that are both nutritional and enjoyable.

Their medically customized frozen ready-made dishes are produced with natural, healthful ingredients and inspired by the Mediterranean Diet.

Plans & Pricing Performance Kitchen

Individual Meals$8.99
Meal Plans$107.88


Regional Flavours

Performance Kitchen’s meals include a variety of flavors from the majority of the kitchen of the world; the biggest flavor is the Mediterranean cuisine, they are even offering a whole diet plan for that.

However, you can find many different flavors in Performance Kitchen’s meals.

Fresh & Pre-Prepped

All of Performance Kitchen’s meals are %100 fresh and frozen afterward.

However, they keep their freshness thanks to the packaging Performance Kitchen has for its foods, and they come in pre-prepared, so you do not need to cook it; you just need to heat it up.

Variety of Dietary Needs

One of the biggest features of Performance Kitchen is that they try to adjust to a variety of dietary needs and try to have the perfect meal for anyone who wants to have a different experience or those who can not eat certain foods due to an illness or an allergy.


Another thing that Performance Kitchen does well is how they balance the nutrition in their foods as they are perfectly balanced in every type of diet meal they offer.

The perfect balance helps to give you the best experience with your pre-prepared, frozen food, allowing your body to get the nutrition it needs.

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Types Of Meal


There are no dairy items in any of the dairy-free meals. Performance Kitchen’s chefs inspect all cooking surfaces for allergies before producing any DF dishes.

To avoid cross-contamination, they have strong cleaning and ingredient separation protocols in place.

They send their meals out for third-party laboratory testing on a regular basis to ensure that they are dairy-free.


There are no wheat or milk items in any gluten-free meal. Their chefs analyze all cooking surfaces for allergens before producing any gluten-free meals.

To avoid cross-contamination, they have strong cleaning and ingredient separation protocols in place.

They do the same with dairy-free meals; they send these meals out for third-party laboratory testing on a regular basis to ensure that they are free of wheat.

Low-Carb & Keto

Meal plans with low carbohydrate content have a frequent way to control weight and blood sugar levels.

All of the carb-conscious, keto-friendly meals include a portion of vegetables to help digestion and include less than 19g net carbohydrates and 20g total carbs.

Please speak with one of Performance Kitchen’s Registered Dietitians to create a perfect meal plan for you.


More vegetables, legumes, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats from olives, avocados, nuts, and seeds are all part of the Mediterranean diet.

Sugary foods and refined carbohydrates are really rare in this diet.

A Mediterranean diet has an obvious relation to preventing heart disease, cancer, hypertension, and Type 2 diabetes, among other chronic conditions.


A plant-based diet has been shown to promote cardiovascular health and lower the risk of chronic illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes and cancer.

To avoid cross-contamination with animal products, they have strong cleaning and ingredient separation protocols in place.


A plant-based diet helps to promote cardiovascular health and lower the risk of chronic illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes and cancer.

Pros and Cons


  • Variety of options available
  • Caters to every kind of dietary needs
  • Both individual and meal groups are part of their food menu


  • No monthly service that gives you different food every day.
  • Can not change foods within a meal plan.

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How to start with Performance Kitchen

Starting with Performance Kitchen is rather easy – all you need to do is to know what to order, or browse around their shop and decide, just like you are ordering something from Amazon. Pretty simple and plain.

  • Go to, which is their official website.
  • Click on “shop” and choose what kind of meal you wish to order; you can choose among the different meal types while you are browsing.
  • Once you decide on what to order, you just need to the meal or meals to your cart.
  • The rest of the procedure is similar to other shopping websites; you need to put in your information, your address, and other details.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to turn that order into a subscription where you will get a %5 discount.
  • Once you order it, you will get it in the estimated delivery time they tell you.

Performance Kitchen Customer Service

Performance Kitchen offers three different kinds of customer service, and this gives you very good flexibility in the case when you want to reach them for any kind of problem or inquiry.

They generally answer quickly, but they do not give any kind of working hours information as to when you can actually reach them during the day, especially by phone.

So, you need to try your chance. They offer mobile numbers, email, and a live chat on their website where you can use it anytime you want because there is a robot that is ready to help you.

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 604-730-0054


In conclusion, Performance Kitchen is somewhat a different type of meal service than we are used to seeing around because they offer a different type of service without any specific subscription service.

They are more like Amazon of foods. That is why you can not expect the same thing as you do with its competitors.

However, they do offer amazing quality food that is designed for different dietary needs without any problem, and they also have meal packages that give you more than one meal and could last for some days, depending on your eating habits.

In addition, their pricing is not the worst as they are not so expensive, so you can buy different meals for different times of the day without having to worry about the costs too much.

Overall, Performance Kitchen is a good way to start your healthy diet, but if you do not want to order your food every day or really frequently and want to get different foods all the time, this service is probably not the best for you.


Does Performance Kitchen offer nutrition consultations?

Yes, Performance Kitchen provides Nutrition Counseling by Performance Kitchenen’s Registered Dietitians to help you choose the meals that best suit your needs.

Their 30-minute consultations are now accessible for free over the phone or through video.

How do you cook Performance Kitchen meals?

Meals from Performance Kitchen may be microwaved or baked and are ready to eat in minutes.

Please refer to each package’s microwave directions. Each product page has oven instructions.

You’ll have to scroll down until you find “Cooking Instructions” towards the bottom. You’ll find oven instructions first, then microwave instructions (if applicable).

Which parts of the United States does Performance Kitchen deliver?

Performance Kitchen offers nationwide delivery, with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.

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