Pete’s Paleo Review – Yay or Nay?

Setting the table with healthy and delicious items has become possible, all thanks to endless websites that have come to the surface in these past ten years.

These websites offer nutritious and healthy meals for individuals who are tired and stressed about their everyday meals.

Pete's Paleo Review
Pete’s Paleo Review

Pete’s Paleo is also a platform that is taking its part in promoting healthy meals for people who don’t have the luxury to cook them every other day.

They are trying to get people on the track where everyone becomes conscious of their fitness and the calories they stomach daily.


Meal Delivery Services Pete’s Paleo
Establishment 2012
Promo Code BONUS4, EMAIL10
Key Features Veggies-only options, fresh and healthy
Service Starting $80.93 per week for five meals
WebsiteClick Here

What does Paleo mean?

Pete's Paleo
Pete’s Paleo

Paleo is derived from the word ‘Paleolithic’ and it is a type of diet that is similar to the food which would be eaten in the Paleolithic era.

This era dates from 2.5 million years to 10,000 years and people practice this type for weight loss and fitness. 

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What is Pete’s Paleo?

Pete’s Paleo is named after a chef named Pete who is classically trained and has worked in the restaurant industry for more than 15 years.

Pete’s Paleo puts high importance on their ingredients and tries to change the taste of their recipes for their regular customers.

Pete’s Paleo is a meal delivering service whose main goal is to bring tastes to meals and along the way, nutrition is a plus point.

If you are looking for 100% allergen-free restaurant-prepared meals that come directly to your door, then Pete’s Paleo is the right choice for you.

Why choose Pete’s Paleo?

Pete’s Paleo deals with ready-to-eat paleo meals but what distinguishes them from others is their healthy and natural ingredients.

They don’t compromise on quality by delivering weeks before frozen food to your doorstep but try to make your meals as fresh as possible.

The whole point of their services is to make your life easier so they send you properly cooked meals, nothing like some companies that send the ingredients and recipe cards for you to make the meals.

This not only saves you the grocery trips after tiresome days but also saves a lot of your money.

Pete’s Paleo tries to make their meals as nutritious as possible. You can try to maintain your diet by eating their foods because they don’t have any extra calories.

How to use Pete’s Paleo?

There isn’t anything difficult to know if you want to use Pete’s Paleo. Just make an account and all is done!

You can subscribe to their weekly meals and try to set a menu of your liking.

They are not hard on making you choose from specific meals. You can choose whatever you want.

Plans and Pricing

The most important thing when you are ready to buy something is its plan and pricing.

High prices don’t always mean good quality and you should do your research before giving your money.

Their 5 meal plan for 1 person costs $89.02 which means $17.80 per meal. This deal is only for 1 person and doesn’t apply to more than a person.

The 10 meal plan is for $173.73 and this plan is for 1 person as well as 2 persons. The 14 meal plan costs $228.45 which is also for 1 and 2 persons. 

The family plan is for $326.48. This means $16.20 per meal.

Chef veggies and lite plans are for $150.41 and $108.98 respectively. Chef veggies are for 2 persons too but the lite plan is only for 1 person.

You can visit their website for a detailed list of their plans and pricing. The list is prepared in accordance with meals per week and serving per person.

New customers can avail of their free shipping offer with their first order!

Key Features of Pete’s Paleo

Fresh and healthy

All the ingredients used in meal preparation are healthy and fresh. Vegetables are freshly used, meat is raised under strict observation, which is hormone-free.

Moreover, ingredients are gluten-free and low in protein.

Reliable and convenient

Pete’s Paleo meal kit delivery service does not bound its customers to order only subscription-based meals. It also offers an extra dish according to your choice.

Additionally, it features one delivery as well. Such a pattern of delivery can be weekly, bimonthly, or anytime according to your scheduled delivery.

Pete’s Paleo delivers delicious and healthy meals at your doorsteps. 

Easy to cook

All the ingredients required to prepare the recipe come proportionally. This makes cooking very easy and hell fun.

All you need to do is just open the package and follow the instructions mentioned on the recipe card. It takes a little time to prepare the meal.


Pete’s Paleo offers suitable meals for the stricter diet plans such as that of the Paleo diet.

Many of such services are not compatible with such diets, but this service features taste and are also Paleo-friendly.

Vegetarian-only plans

Those who avoid eating meat can enjoy this meal service as well. Pete’s Paleo offers a separate menu for vegetarians.

These plant-based veggies are as incredibly delicious as other recipes. Chefs design all their recipes. 

Promo Code of Pete’s Paleo

Like other famous subscription-based meal kit delivery services in the United States, Pete’s Paleo also discounts its customers.

By making use of the following promo codes, you can enjoy exciting deals:

  • By using this code BONUS4, get 4 Free Meals with a Subscription. 
  • Get a $10 off sitewide by using this promo code EMAIL10.

What makes Pete’s Paleo different from others?

Pete’s Paleo service offers meals suitable for stricter diets, such as that of the Paleo diet. It features different options for vegetarians.

Not only subscription-based, but also delivers meals weekly, bimonthly, or as per your provided schedule.

Moreover, all its meals are gluten-free, meat is hormone-free, and low in protein content.

Types of meals available at Pete’s Paleo 

Pete’s Paleo has a number of meals for you. Each of them has unique tastes and the right amount of calories.

Its meals are 100% paleo and are free of many allergens like gluten, soy, dairy, egg, nut, etc. They are prepared by highly qualified chefs and are ready to heat and eat.

Pete’s Paleo has seasonal menus for every occasion. It means that they aren’t consistent with their meals but try to change it every now and then so their customers don’t get bored.

Their meals are made from scratch and have no preservatives or added sugars.

It means that you can easily eat these meals without the worry that they’re going to ruin your health.

They have a slogan and that is Eat What You Love. They work upon these words and make their customers love their recipes so people start to eat what they love!

Pros and Cons of Pete’s Paleo 


  • It provides fresh and tasty paleo-friendly meals
  • It uses high quality, and sustainably sourced ingredients, including organic and hormone-free meat
  • Their meals are gluten-free
  • Meals be beneficial for weight loss


  • Their standard meal plans do not allow you to select meals
  • Much more expensive than other similar services or even cooking at home
  • Plant-based proteins are not available for vegetarians

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Customer Reviews

Roxy Peck says:

21 day Sugar Detox rocks! I was addicted to sugar too much like really addicted. If I don’t eat tons of sweets every day, I get cranky and nervous, and I am not suitable for anyone around me. This detox helped me a lot. It was hard during the first couple of days, but now I feel amazing, and I’m not going back ever again!

Jane Reynolds says:

Been using Freshology for more than three years, and during that time, I’ve been a delighted customer. They work very hard to create their excellent menus and plans, and they have even improved during these years. Excellent menus, fresh delivered tasty meals, fantastic customer service. Everything you need in a beautiful meal delivery service.

Customer Service

Pete’s Paleo services are super nice to new customers. You can ask any queries and mention any of your concerns to be answered.

Pete’s Paleo is available on all platforms across social media. You can directly contact them there.

If you want to know anything about them, there are plenty of sources available on their website too. Their website is

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Eat what you love by exciting deals from Pete’s Paleo. You can have delicious restaurant-like food without any effort, from this website.

Their services are a great help for people who don’t have enough time to make a meal for themselves due to their busy schedules.

You can get a lot of exciting benefits from Pete’s Paleo once subscribed to their services.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign in and enjoy as much as you can.

All is well when you have your health in check.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pete's Paleo?

Pete’s Paleo is a meal delivery service designed to make it easy to follow the paleo diet.

It features a wide range of chef-prepared and seasonal entrées that need no cooking or cleanup.

After reading this Pete’s Paleo Review, we hope you are sure about ordering from this.

What are the advantages of Pete's Paleo?

  1. It provides fresh and tasty paleo-friendly meals
  2. It uses high quality, and sustainably sourced ingredients, including organic and hormone-free meat
  3. Their meals are gluten-free
  4. Meals be beneficial for weight loss

Can I select which meals I get from Pete's Paleo?

If you’re interested in choosing which meals you receive, our “Eat What You Love” line is perfect for you! You pick any combo of meals, with a minimum purchase of 5 meals.

Is Pete's Paleo's facility gluten-free?

Our facilities are completely free of gluten and soy. We do manufacture other meals (not Pete’s Paleo) which contain dairy and nut flour. 

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