Purple Carrot Review – Read before Buying

Isn’t it a nice feeling when meals get delivered to your doorstep and you don’t have to cook? It is such a blessing and a moment to thank technology and the internet for their endless advantages.

Many platforms are doing this kind of stuff but some of them are a lot better than others.

This is because of their taste, ingredients, and costs on the products they sell.

Purple Carrot is also a platform where you can easily order the meal of your liking and it will get delivered to your given address. 

A healthy, delicious, and soulful meal is what we want in life and that’s what Purple Meal is doing.

Purple Carrot Review
Purple Carrot Review


Meal Delivery ServicePurple Carrot
Promo CodeCARROT30, PURPLE20
Key FeaturesGluten-free. Low Calorie, High-Protein Meals
Service Start$9.99 per serving
DistinctionPlant-based meals
WebsiteClick Here

What is Purple Carrot?

Purple Carrot
Purple Carrot

It is a website that aims to deliver healthy and tasty food to you at affordable costs.

There are different types of meals available on the website and each one has great ingredients to foster your tastebuds. 

Purple Carrot works on the principle of preparing plant-based meals that are gluten-free and high in proteins.

They also have chef choice meals and you can choose from them every week!

The mission of Purple Carrot is to convince you to eat more plants in a delicious, innovative, and exciting way.

They make easy-to-cook and tasty meals with the promise that they’ll make your day or night, whenever you take a spoonful of it.

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Why choose Purple Carrot?

Questioning why to choose Purple Carrot is like asking Why the plants!?

As all the Purple Carrot meals are made from plant products, it is important to know the impact plants have on our health and the earth.

The plants are highly beneficial for our health. They can play a vital role if you want to lose weight and are tired of living an unfit life.

Another thing is that they are good for the earth and the environment.

FUN FACT: there are over 20,000 edible plants on the planet. Let’s see how many different ways we can stir up some fresh, plant-based fun!

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How to use Purple Carrot?

Purple Carrot is fairly easy to use. Just open the website. From there you can choose the meal you want, click select and sign in/sign up and then, finally, your order will be confirmed.

If you’re confused about what to order, you can go to the menu and decide according to your taste.

The menu also mentions the ingredients as well as the number of calories each meal has.

You can also buy some Purple Carrot’s merchandise. It is available in different shades of purple for every size and gender.

Plans and Pricing

Purple Carrot pricing
Purple Carrot pricing

Purple Carrot has two options made for you: One is a meal kit and the other is prepared meals.

If you prefer to cook for yourselves, The Purple Carrot sends you a food package of your choice for two servings. 

The meal kit has all the ingredients and costs $51.94 for 2 servings and $59.92 for 4, for three dinners per week.

For four dinners per week, the cost is $75.92 for 2 servings and $99.88 for 4 servings.

The prepared meals cost $57.95 for six dinners per week, $83.92 for eight dinners per week, and $109.90 for ten dinners per week.

Purple Carrot offers a discount of $20 on the first order. Also, the shipping is free for all types of meals.

Key features of Purple Carrot

Fresh and organic ingredients

As Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal delivery service, it uses all the fresh veggies from farms.

Ingredients are farmed under strict observation to fulfill the nutritional requirements.

Besides, most non-produce items are organic, including nut milk, tofu, beans, and tempeh.

Easy to cook

All the required ingredients come proportionally.

All you are supposed to do is open the package and follow the basic instructions in preparing your meal.

Instructions are on the recipe card that comes along. This makes your cooking a hell of fun.

Diet friendliness

All of the Purple Carrot snacks and meals are vegan, making this service an excellent choice for those who follow a plant-based diet.

Purple Carrot labels that all their recipes are high protein, gluten-free, low calorie, and nut-free.

These attributes make this meal selection easy for those following certain dietary restrictions or food preferences.

Scheduled delivery

After selecting the meal of your choice, you can also set the time you want to get your meals delivered.

This thing is very convenient for customers when traveling or want to get rid of delivery tensions. 

Meal selection

You are free to choose meals from one category or mix and match from others.

You enjoy all full convenience from selecting your meal, placing the order, setting the delivery schedule to getting your meal box delivered. 

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Promo Code of Purple Carrot

Like all the other renowned meal kit delivery services, Purple Carrot also gives discounts to its subscribers.

As a result, it is advantageous to you and you can make use of the below-mentioned promo codes to avail of this offer:

  • To enjoy $30 off at your first box, use this code CARROT30
  •  By using this code PURPLE20, enjoy $20 off on your order.

Benefits of Using Purple Carrot

Easy Access to Food

Yes, that’s the benefit. If you’re having a busy day and don’t have much time to cook for yourselves.

Purple Carrot can help you in this matter by giving you whichever meal you prefer on the website.

Healthy Ingredients

The most healthy thing in Purple Carrot’s meals is the plants itself. There are several benefits of plants and all of them play their part independently.

No Side effects

There are no side effects of plants on your body apart from the fact that you are allergic to some certain plant or herb.

So, you can eat them without any worry about the effects it can cause to you. 

Why is Purple Carrot better than others?

Purple Carrot offers gluten-free, nut-free, high protein, and low-calorie options and all information is labeled on the menu that makes it easy to select meals suitable for you.

Types of meals available at Purple Carrot

There are plenty of meals available on Purple Carrot according to your preferences. The one thing that is constant and that is the plant-based, protein-rich and healthy meals.

Every new week there is something new in the meals and there is a list to choose from. Purple Carrot offers meals for dinner, breakfast, and lunch. 

Prepared meals get a list every day and you can select whatever you want to order. These meals are ready very few times and don’t require much time to deliver.

The reason for plant-based meals is that plants are clinically proven to help in weight loss and prevent high cholesterol levels.

This keeps you healthy and fit for life challenges throughout the way.

Purple Carrot Pros and Cons


  • Purple Carrot is a great way to explore vegan meals and recipes.
  • All the ingredients are fresh and delicious.
  • There are a lot of meal options that include breakfast and lunch meals. 
  • There are options to add extra meals to your box as well.


  • Every meal requires a blender or food processor for final preparation.
  • It has an above-average preparation time in comparison with other meal kits.
  • It can be unsuitable for those with dietary restrictions and severe food allergies.

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Customer Reviews

Jenn says:

I absolutely love the mix of recipes and the move from simple to exotic. The menu book is definitely enjoyable. The only issue ever faced is delayed deliveries- sometimes the food arrives already spoiled, so I have to buy replacements – but I think this is an issue fo FedEx and not Purple Carrot.

But being vegan is a whole lot easier now – thank you!

Kelly says:

I love Purple Carrot because it has tasty, easy, and vegan recipes. Sometimes, I faced a problem with an ingredient, but purple Carrot always looked into it! There is no better subscription box for vegans/ vegetarians, and a lot of variety.

Customer Service

You can personally chat with them if you have any queries regarding their products and website. They try to answer any of your concerns with facts-based information.

You can contact them by email at [email protected] They have excellent customer support and are always ready to take away all your worries regarding their products.

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We should promote every little thing that is working for our good health and a better world.

Purple Carrot might be a small chain of food products, but what it is doing is something that is the need at the present hour.

We all should play our part in a sustainable way of life. Eat more plants and reduce the carbon footprint! Yes, eating plants can make it possible.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is Purple Box?

Purple Carrot is a delivery service of meal kits specially designed to make plant-based eating enjoyable and easy.

This service delivers all the recipes and ingredients of your choice directly to your doorstep. For more details, you can refer to Purple Box Review.

What are advantages of Purple Box?

  1. Purple Carrot is a great way to explore vegan meals and recipes.
  2. All the ingredients are fresh and delicious.
  3. There are a lot of meal options that include breakfast and lunch meals. 
  4. There are options to add extra meals to your box as well.

How does Purple Carrot subscription work?

Once you have completed signing up for your subscription, you’ll be registered to receive automatic weekly Purple Carrot deliveries of delicious, vegan meals right to your door. There is no membership fee and you can cancel any time. 

Are Extras in dietary alignment with my Purple Carrot plan/preference?

All Extras are 100% plant-based, although they aren’t designed to fit each and every plan preference.

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