Revive Superfoods Review 2022

Changing your eating habits can seem challenging: where are you going to find the time to prepare your meals?

Sometimes, bad eating habits simply come from the fact that we haven’t the time, abilities, or will to prepare meals in the kitchen.

Buying things that you can just heat in your microwave is easier.

But what if there’s a simple solution for you? What if you can have healthy food as easily as processed food?

Revive Superfoods is born with this purpose: to provide you with healthy meals, at your house, so that you don’t have to cook, buy ingredients, or do other things you don’t want to do.

Here we provide the most detailed Revive Superfoods review to let you know anything you need about this company.

Revive Superfoods Review
Revive Superfoods Review


Meal Delivery ServiceRevive Superfoods
Key featuresfrozen ingredients, smoothies, desserts, and meals available
Service start $7.99
WebsiteClick Here

What is Revive Superfoods?

What is Revive Superfoods?
What is Revive Superfoods?

Revive Superfood is a company that provides ready-to-eat meals directly at your door.

Their menu comprises smoothies, lunch and dinner meals, soups, frozen desserts, oats, and falafel pops.

Most of their ingredient is organic so this is why they need to freeze them; as you may know, not all vegetables are available all year round.

The only way to preserve organic veggies is by freezing them. They may not taste the same as when they’re fresh, but they are still good and – above all – healthy.

Why choose Revive Superfoods?

Revive Superfoods is particularly suitable for those who – for one reason or another – can’t cook their meals.

If you hate cooking or if you simply don’t have the time, you can rely on Revive Superfood to have portioned meals directly at your door.

All you need to do is unfreeze them and, in some cases, heat them. The fact that they are frozen also allows us to preserve and store them for a lot of time.

On the contrary, if you don’t like frozen food and if you want to eat what you receive immediately, then this is not the best solution for you.

Also, if you like cooking Revive Superfoods doesn’t make it for you: their policy is to cut out the cooking process for their customers.

So, their public is made of people who don’t cook.

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How to use Revive Superfoods

When you order from Revive Superfoods, you order a box of food. So, you can’t order a single meal, for example, but you also need to purchase in bulk.

Boxes start at 9 items per box, and then there’s a 12-item box and a 24-item box. 

Once you’ve chosen your option, you can start selecting the meals you like to order.

You can choose anything you want; it could also be an order for 9 desserts – the only rule is that you need to pay for a box made of 9, 12, or 24 items.

Once you’ve filled in your virtual box, the Revive Superfood staff will fill your actual food box and deliver it to your door.

Food arrives frozen so that it doesn’t lose any of its properties and taste, and you can put it in your freezer to store it for a very long time.

You don’t need to cook Revive Superfoods’ food, you only need to unfreeze and heat it.

Price and Plans

As we’ve said, with Revive Superfoods you first need to pick one of the boxes: that is, you can only order in bulk.

The smallest bulk is made of nine items, then there’s the 12-item box and the 24-item one that is the biggest.

Boxes don’t have a fixed price, because it depends on what you order. There is a fixed price, however, on each category of items.

For example, all the smoothies cost $7.99, and all the super meals cost $9.49. Whatever item you choose within a category, will be the price. 

This is the pricing for each product category:

  • Smoothies: $7.99 per item;
  • Super meals: $9.49 per item;
  • Soups: $7.99 per item;
  • Frozen desserts: $8.99 per item;
  • Oats: $7.99.

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Revive Superfoods: key features

  1. Frozen food

Revive Superfoods utilizes frozen food to prepare their meals. It also delivers the food frozen. This has both advantages and disadvantages.

On one hand, fresh food tastes better than frozen food. On the other hand, however, you can store frozen food for as long as you like, and it won’t lose its properties.

  1. Price by category

Each item in the same category costs the same. This is a simple system, but it’d be simpler if boxes had fixed prices too (or if this option was available)

  1. Ordering by boxes

You can’t order the number of meals you like. You can only order boxes of 9, 12, or 24 items.

  1. Delivered frozen

Smoothies, soups, and all the other meals are delivered frozen. This way you don’t have to eat them immediately or in the same week, but you can store them for very long periods.

  1. Focused on smoothies

Smoothies are ReviveSUperfoods’ flagship product. The company was actually born to deliver frozen fruit to their customers’ houses, that they could just unfreeze and blend to obtain the healthiest smoothies.

With time, they have added other products to their offer, but smoothies remain their richest category.

What makes Revive Superfoods better than others?

Revive Superfoods is different from most of its competitors because of the choice of dealing with frozen food.

This is a choice that comes from the necessity of answering some particular needs that customers may have:

  • Customers want to store their food without having to eat all of it during the week;
  • Customers want to have access to out of season fruit;
  • Customers don’t want their food to lose its property during transportation.

Frozen food is the solution to all these needs and this is what makes Revive Superfoods better than its competitors, especially to those types of clients we’ve mentioned above.

Revive Superfoods: type of food

Revive Superfoods delivers 5 categories of food or meals. 

  1. Smoothies. This is the main focus of the company which is why this category has the highest number of items available. Their smoothies are made from frozen fruit and vegetables: when you receive them at your house, you’ll need to let the fruit unfreeze, put it all inside a blender, and press the ON button.
  2. Super meals. These are meals that you can eat at lunch or dinner. They are also frozen so when you want to have one of them for lunch, you’ll need to unfreeze the ingredients, put them on a plate, put the plate inside the microwave, and heat it. Some of the super meals can be eaten cold so it’s even easier.
  3. Soups. Soups come also frozen. Unlike super meals, they can be eaten cold. So, you can put the frozen soup in a plate, put everything in the microwave and heat it.
  4. Frozen desserts. These are usually eaten cold. So, you need to let them stay out of the freezer for some minutes and they’ll be ready.
  5. Oats. These are ideal for breakfast and can be consumed hot or cold. If you like them hot or warm, you can use a microwave.

Revive Superfoods: Pros & Cons


  • Frozen food can be considered a pro and a con because it has advantages and disadvantages. Since this is a company specialized in this type of product, however, it is targeted to those customers who appreciate or are in need of frozen food. That’s why we put the “frozen food” aspect in the pros list.
  • The fact that each item in the same category costs the same simplifies things; you can also try different tastes of the same meal (for example all the smoothies) without having to worry about what’s cheaper and what’s more expensive.


  • Revie Superfoods is not ideal if you need a food delivery company that is capable of providing you with the meals for your entire week. Sometimes, people on a diet or during periods of – for example – intense work, search for this type of service but Revive Superfoods isn’t this.
  • The ordering mechanism is a bit complex. When you are required to pick a box before ordering your meals, you expect that each bow will have a certain number of items and – above all a fixed price. With Revive Superfoods, instead, you pick a box so that you can only choose a certain amount of meals, but the price isn’t fixed, it still depends on what you order. Minimum order of nine items where the customers can just pick what they want as long as they order more than 9 items would be simpler.
  • Not every customer appreciates frozen food. This is what you’ll have from this company so make sure their offer is suitable for your needs.

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Customer Reviews

Revie Superfood as a 4/5 score on Sitejabber. Other customer reviews’ platforms show a similar score.

It’s quite a high score; furthermore, by reading the review, you can see how people is appreciating the healthy ingredients and the possibility of storing meals for long periods. 

Here are some of the most important reviews published by users (source: Sitejabber):

“My wife and I are trying to eat healthier and less, and opt for a healthier lifestyle. So we usually prepare smoothies instead of lunch and the smoothies over here fill us up until dinner. They are very healthy and delicious, and also quick to make when you are busy. I also like how they’re full of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy ingredients to choose from such as flaxseed and chia seeds. They are definitely worth the money.”

“These smoothies are pretty amazing. They are quite convenient since it can be made easily. They are also very healthy as I have checked the ingredients thoroughly and not only that, these smoothies actually make me feel super good and energetic. Very happy about all the fiber included as well.”

“Hands down the best smoothies I have ever had in my life! I absolutely love this subscription, so glad I decided to try them out. Not a day has passed by where I have not enjoyed the wonderful options of smoothies, overnight oats, and acai bowls! I love the flavors and so does my little girl.”

You can also notice how smoothies are their best-selling items.

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Revive Superfoods has a solid background: founded in 2016, the company has collected mostly positive reviews.

Again, this is suitable for those who are okay eating frozen food. If you were expecting fresh food, it’s your mistake because the company is very clear about that.

Delivering frozen food is one of their main features: they provide food that you can store if you like so that you don’t have to necessarily eat it immediately.

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