Snap Kitchen Review 2022

Snap Kitchen in Austin, Texas, has a simple goal statement: “healthy food for busy people.”

Snap Kitchen has its own retail shops in Texas, as well as in-store collaborations with Whole Foods in a number of other states, unlike other meal delivery businesses.

The firm specializes in giving simple, healthy meals outside of the typical “diet” setting, with clear branding and a minimalist look.

The experience is straightforward and to the point, with a food-as-fuel approach. We were intrigued to try Snap Kitchen’s approach after seeing so many diet-oriented meal delivery services on the market, so we tested six meals over the course of a week.

Continue reading to hear more about Snap Kitchen and a solid Snap Kitchen review that has every detail about them.

Snap Kitchen Review
Snap Kitchen Review


Meal Delivery ServiceSnap Kitchen
Key featuresVariety of different meals, Recyclable Packaging, High Nutritional Value
Service start$10.50 for 12 meals
WebsiteClick Here

What is Snap Kitchen?

What is Snap Kitchen?
What is Snap Kitchen?

Snap Kitchen is a weekly food delivery subscription service that sends you ready-to-eat nutritious meals every week.

The company’s menu, which experienced chefs and nutritionists helps to create, is continually evolving.

Snap Kitchen’s gluten-free and preservative-free approach has been in the spotlight of high-profile publications such as Allure, Business Insider, and USA Today.

In addition, their Instagram feed has a sizable 80.2k followers. The brand’s main goal is to supply members with healthy meals created with complete foods.

They also recognize that eating healthy on a tight schedule may be challenging.

Therefore, the meals are intended to remove any preparation and cooking time!

The dishes at Snap Kitchen are gluten-free and created from scratch. There are also several high-protein and paleo choices available from the brand.

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Why Choose Snap Kitchen?

There are many reasons to choose Snap Kitchen, but the most important one is that they try to cater to every type of meal and person with their meals.

The majority of Snap Kitchen’s meals are under 500 calories, which may aid people looking to lose weight by lowering their calorie consumption.

They also have a variety of high-protein meals available, with each serving containing 30–50 grams of protein.

According to some studies, boosting your protein consumption might help you feel fuller and reduce your appetite.

Many of their meals are also high in fiber, which helps for weight loss and belly fat reduction.

Snap Kitchen also offers meals that are suitable to a number of other dietary patterns that have been associated with weight loss, such as low carb, paleo, and ketogenic diets.

Snap Kitchen is for folks who are always on the go. It’s difficult to coordinate everything and still eat yourself three times a day when you live a hectic life.

Furthermore, if you’re seldom home, buying entire meals might not be the greatest choice, as fresh produce degrades quickly.

Snap Kitchen allows you to stay in the fast lane while also fueling your body with delicious meals.

Plans & Pricing Snap Kitchen

12 meals$10.50
6 meals$12.67


Snap Kitchen Features
Snap Kitchen Features

Variety of different meals

At any given moment, Snap Kitchen’s changing menu has roughly 35-40 items. Snap Kitchen’s menu isn’t updated as regularly as other meal delivery services.

Most businesses rotate their menus on a weekly basis, whereas Snap Kitchen’s rotates on a monthly basis.

You have two options about your meal selection: accept Snap Kitchen’s recommendations, which are dependent on your plan, or, regardless of whatever plan you’re on, override the default recommendations and create your own choices.

Recyclable Packaging

Snap Kitchen’s packaging is small when compared to the competitors. The cardboard used for the outside box is recycled.

ClimaCell, a product created from plant-based, curbside-recyclable material, serves as the inner liner.

Two huge gel-type ice packs and six plastic food plates with lids are in the liner.

Already Cooked

There is no cooking procedure with Snap Kitchen’s dishes because they arrive completely prepared.

All of Snap Kitchen’s meals only need reheating in the microwave. Your dinners will take less than two minutes to prepare.

High Nutritional Value

The calories in Snap Kitchen’s dishes range from 300 to 600.

The majority are around animal protein and vegetables, but there are gluten-free kinds of pasta, grains like rice and quinoa, and legumes as well.

On Snap Kitchen’s menu, the macronutrient breakdown for each meal is prominent, and detailed nutrition information for each dish is on both the app and the website. A macro breakdown is mainly between protein and fat.

Types Of Meal


High protein meals are meals that consist mostly of protein and take a bit of each nutrition while trying to give you the highest protein intake possible.

It’s a good option to opt for if you are trying to gain muscles.


This type of meal is not for everyone but is definitely a good choice with its low-carb options while maintaining the ketogenic side of the diet, providing you enough of the majority of nutrients.

Low Carb

Low carb is a popular choice for many meal plans as it is a great choice if you want to lose weight or lower your carb intake for health reasons. Either way, Snap Kitchen gives you the best low-carb diets possible.


The paleo diet consists of plenty of vegetables and meat, a few nuts and seeds, and a little fruit to liven things up.

Snap Kitchen’s meals are devoid of legumes, wheat, soy, and maize.


The Whole30 diet has helped many people restore their relationship with food.

The Whole30 diet helps you to determine what causes cravings and gastrointestinal issues.

Pros and Cons


  • Their foods are %100 gluten-free.
  • Meals are already prepared
  • Foods are not frozen; they are fresh
  • Uses minimum amount of packaging


  • There are only 6 or 12 meals a week options.
  • Foods are not vegetarian.
  • Slowly adding additional dishes to the menu.
  • Only single-serving meals are available.

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How to start with Snap Kitchen

Starting with Snap Kitchen is as seamless as it can be as it does not require too much from your side.

You just need to give them the necessary info about who you are and what you want; the rest is totally in Snap Kitchen’s hands.

  • Go to, which is their official website.
  • Click on “get started,” which is on the top right of the page.
  • There, you will see two different options to choose from. Choose from the two meal plans available.
  • To get an estimated delivery time for your food, you must enter your email address and zip code.
  • From the Snap Kitchen menu, select your dishes.
  • At the checkout, enter your payment information (apply any Snap Kitchen coupons you may have)
  • Then start waiting for your food!

Snap Kitchen Customer Service

Snap Kitchen’s customer service, according to the reviews on the internet, is definitely not slow and delivers good results to the questions you might have.

They have two different ways to help you; one is their phone number, and the other one is an email that you can reach to them any time of the day.

However, there is no clear info as to when they answer their emails or calls, so you have to try your chance to see their working hours.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1.833.798.1600


Food delivery subscriptions are easy and frequently introduce you to various cuisines, which is especially useful if you never have time to cook at home.

Apart from reheating and serving the dish, Snap Kitchen performs all the work for you.

The firm is worth checking out, according to this Snap Kitchen review.

It’s easy to sign up, and the meals are delicious and crafted using nutritious ingredients.

They may readily accommodate a variety of nutritional requirements, such as gluten-free and keto.

It’s worth noting that the calorie count and portion sizes are fewer than those of competitors.

In conclusion, you might need to do some extra grocery shopping each week.

Overall, we feel that if you have the means, having a few nice meals delivered to your door may still enhance your attitude (and palate).

Its prices are reasonable when compared to similar services and cater to a variety of eating styles, including keto, paleo, low-carb, and high-protein diets.

However, it gives few options for different diets and provides minimal information on food origin, which may be inconvenient for certain people.


Which states and locations does Snap Kitchen deliver?

Most states in the continental United States are in Snap Kitchen’s range. To see if they deliver to your location, go to their website and input your zip code.

How does Snap Kitchen ship the meals?

Snap Kitchen goes to great lengths to guarantee that your food stays fresh in transit.

This process includes employing insulating liners and frozen gel packs in their boxes, as well as cold chain transportation in some situations to ensure that your food stays fresh until you can unpack and refrigerate it.

Your meals will keep fresh in the box for 48 hours in transit and 10 hours at your door without refrigeration, thanks to their packing.

Can you cancel your Snap Kitchen subscription?

You may cancel your subscription plan on the website by logging into your account.

You may cancel your subscription by scrolling to the bottom of the Subscription page.

You can not cancel a weekly order after it has been locked. If you cancel your membership, that includes all your future weeks, too.

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