Sunbasket Vs HelloFresh

Meal kit delivery services are a convenient way to get healthy meals on the table with minimal effort. 

But with so many options available, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

Sunbasket and HelloFresh are two of the most popular meal kit delivery services out there.

Both offer a wide variety of recipes to choose from, as well as the option to customize your meal plan according to your preferences.

So, which one is the better option?

Here’s a detailed comparison of Sunbasket and HelloFresh:

Sunbasket Vs HelloFresh
Sunbasket Vs HelloFresh

Sunbasket Vs HelloFresh – Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Sunbasket


  • Fresh and organic produce
  • Meal plans catering to different dietary needs
  • Mostly recyclable packaging
  • Delicious and easy 30 minute-recipes
  • Protein customization 


  • Extra shipping costs
  • Not the most affordable option
  • Lacks family-friendly options

Pros and Cons of HelloFresh


  • 20 weekly meal options
  • Affordable meal plans
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Quick and delicious meals
  • Diverse global cuisines 


  • Does not cater to specific dietary needs
  • Extra shipping costs
  • Limited organic ingredients and produce

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Pricing Comparison

Number of PeopleSunbasket Price Per ServingHelloFresh Price Per Serving
2$13.49 (+$7.99 shipping)$11.99 (+$9.99 shipping)
4$11.49 (+$7.99 shipping)$9.49 (+$9.99 shipping)

Price is a primary consideration for many individuals when selecting a meal kit delivery service. 

If you’re on a shoestring budget, companies like Sunbasket or HelloFresh may seem expensive. 

Luckily, both of these companies provide excellent value and are priced to accommodate a variety of budgets.

HelloFresh is the more affordable option of the two. 

All HelloFresh meals will cost less than $9 per serving, and the company sometimes offers discount incentives that further reduce the price. 

HelloFresh charges a fixed amount of $9.99 per purchase for shipping.

Sunbasket is somewhat more expensive per serving, which may or may not matter depending on your budget. 

Additionally, Sunbasket charges a modest flat rate shipping fee per order. 

Sunbasket does not deliver to some locations, including parts of New Mexico, North Dakota, and Montana.

As you can see, HelloFresh is much more affordable than Sunbasket.

However, one important caveat here is that Sunbasket’s menu offerings are far broader and more tailored. 

Sunbasket’s premium pricing is easily justified if you want to benefit from its ethically produced organic goods.

However, in terms of pure monetary value, HelloFresh is the obvious winner in this category.

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Meal Choices

Meal choices are one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a meal kit delivery service.

Does the service offer a wide variety of recipes to choose from? Are there options for different dietary preferences?

These are all important factors to consider when determining which meal kit delivery service is right for you.

Meal Choices of Sunbasket

Sunbasket offers an excellent weekly menu of over 25 meals geared toward healthy eating and an enjoyable, simple cooking experience.

Their meals place a premium on organic ingredients of the highest quality. They include a variety of organic meats and seafood, as well as gluten-free pasta, cauliflower rice, and nutritious grains.

Additionally, Sunbasket allows you to select a gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, or vegan menu. 

This extra variety for those with nutritional needs adds a unique level of diversity to Sun Basket’s offerings.

Meal Choices of HelloFresh

The HelloFresh recipe library includes an average of 20 new dishes per week. The dishes tend to be traditional and not overly difficult but always have a great blend of flavors. 

The company’s service is quite flexible, and you can combine traditional meals, low-calorie meals, and vegetarian meals.

Once you’ve subscribed to HelloFresh, you’ll be asked to choose your basic dietary preferences, including veggie, meat and veggies, family-friendly, quick and easy, pescetarian, and calorie smart. 

HelloFresh automatically populates recipes based on your preferences, but you can easily change and modify them.

Sunbasket wins this round thanks to its extensive selection of very simple and delicious meals, as well as its personalization options.


Quality is another important consideration when choosing a meal kit delivery service. After all, you want the food you’re eating to be healthy and delicious.

Both Sunbasket and HelloFresh offer high-quality ingredients. 

Their meals are made with fresh and organic ingredients, and they offer a wide variety of recipe choices to suit different tastes.

Flavor, Freshness, and Quality of Sunbasket

Sunbasket’s commitment to using fresh, organic ingredients shines through in the flavor and freshness of their meals. 

The quality of the ingredients is evident in the dishes, which all taste fresh and wholesome.

However, Sunbasket’s meals lack richness and boldness. The flavors are all relatively mild, and none of the dishes really stand out as being particularly delicious.

Despite this, Sunbasket’s meals are still enjoyable and satisfying. 

One of Sunbasket’s best dishes is their Speedy Turkey Bolognese. This dish is hearty and filling, but light enough that you don’t feel weighed down after eating it. 

Sunbasket is a good choice if you’re looking for healthy, wholesome food that doesn’t skimp on flavor. 

However, if you’re looking for something with a little more excitement, you might want to look elsewhere.

Flavor, Freshness, and Quality of HelloFresh

HelloFresh’s meals are made with fresh, organic ingredients, and they offer a wide variety of recipe choices to suit different tastes.

HelloFresh’s meals are incredibly flavorful and fresh. The ingredients are all top-quality, and the dishes themselves are well-seasoned and balanced. 

There is a great variety of textures and flavors in every meal, and none of them ever feel too salty or bland.

HelloFresh is also committed to using domestically sourced meat. This means that their meat is ethically raised and sustainably farmed. 

Not only does this make their food taste great, but it also ensures that you’re getting high-quality, healthy ingredients. 

If you’re looking for a meal kit delivery service that offers fresh, flavorful, and high-quality food, HelloFresh is a great choice.

Takeaway Experience

When ordering from a meal kit delivery service, the takeaway experience is important. 

You want to be able to easily store and reheat your meals without having to worry about them spoiling.

Sunbasket’s Takeaway Experience

Sunbasket stands out in many ways, including packaging. The meals are packaged in a single large recyclable box insulated with denim and paper. They are kept cool by four biodegradable plastic ice packs. 

The company’s website does an excellent job of sharing recycling rules and suggestions for reusing all package components.

Another impressive element contributing to Sunbasket’s eco-friendly service is the bar that surfaces during the menu customization process to prompt you to continue filling or removing items to save the packaging. 

Proteins are packed separately from meal kits behind an ice pack, while meal components are carefully bundled according to the recipe in a brown paper bag.

All in all, the entire experience—from start to finish—is designed to be as earth-friendly as possible.

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HelloFresh’s Takeaway Experience

When it comes to the takeaway experience, HelloFresh really shines. The meals arrive in sturdy cardboard boxes with an insulated liner, which helps keep them warm. 

The ingredients are thoughtfully packaged in paper bags, which minimizes waste and makes it easy to see what you need. 

There’s a minimal amount of plastic packaging, and all of it is recyclable. 

The recipe cards are large and easy to follow, with detailed instructions for every step. 

Overall, HelloFresh provides a great takeaway experience that is both convenient and environmentally friendly.

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Customer Service

When it comes to meal kit delivery services, customer service is important. You want to be able to easily get in touch with someone if you have any questions or problems.

Customer Service of Sunbasket

Sunbasket offers a variety of customer support channels, including a self-service option for when you run into a delivery or ingredient problem; customer experts, who link you with other customers; Sunny B., a chatbot; and the more traditional email, phone, and text.

When contacting customer service through email, you should typically get a response within 24 hours.

Customer Service of HelloFresh

HelloFresh’s customer service offerings include a FAQ section, live chat, and phone assistance with a real-time wait time indicator. 

Additionally, it has an online form for reporting an ingredient or recipe mistake.

Additionally, HelloFresh features a chat-based digital assistant that can connect you with a live representative. 

If you prefer to talk over the phone, the average wait time for a call is just three minutes.

Ultimately, HelloFresh has a better customer service staff than Sunbasket.

Final Verdict

Both Sunbasket and HelloFresh offer high-quality, delicious food that is perfect for busy people who want to eat healthy. 

However, Sunbasket is the better choice for those looking for more variety and customization in their meal choices. 

On the other hand, HelloFresh is the better choice for those who want the most convenient and eco-friendly takeaway experience.

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Are meal kit delivery services worth it?

Meal kit delivery services can be a great option for busy people who want to eat healthy, delicious meals without having to spend a lot of time cooking. 

They can also be a good option for people who want to try new recipes or learn how to cook.

How do meal kit delivery services work?

Meal kit delivery services send you all the ingredients you need to make a meal, as well as instructions for how to cook it. All you need to do is follow the instructions and cook the meal.

Which service is better for vegans—Sunbasket or HelloFresh?

For vegans, Sunbasket is the better option. 

The company offers a variety of vegan-friendly meal options, as well as the ability to customize your meals to suit your dietary needs.

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