True Fare Review – TRUSTED, But See its Drawbacks

There are various meal delivery services in the United States that you can use to order your favorite meals.

To help you select a service that meets your dietary requirements, lifestyle, and personal preferences, we are going to provide you a genuine True Fare review.

After reading this article of True Fare Review, you will get a better understanding of it. 

True Fare Review
True Fare Review


Meal Delivery ServicesTrue Fare
Promo codeSPARTAN30, TRUE50
Key featuresOrganic ingredients
Service start$5.79/serving
DistinctionWhole30, AIP, and paleo
WebsiteClick Here

What is True Fare?

What is True Fare?
What is True Fare?

True Fare meal delivery service was formerly known as Pre-Made Paleo.

It is the brainchild of Chef Richard Bradford, who is a contributor and classically trained chef to a top New York Times bestselling cookbook. 

All recipes are heat-and-eat meals, Ketogenic, ready-made, adhere to paleo, Whole30, and AIP diets. It features grass-fed meats and organic produce.

The outcome is a collaboration of strict dietary compliance and culinary prowess that make True Fare a great meal option for foodies who do not have enough time to cooking and do not want to compromise flavor for good health.

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How to use True Fare?

True Fare allows its customers to subscribe to suggested meal plans or make one-time purchases as well.

To purchase a plan, you can choose between AIP, Whole30, or Keto Carb meal options. The Whole30 meal plan offers two different menus.

You have an opportunity to subscribe and customize your schedule of delivery. Or, you can opt for one-time purchases too. 

A page permits you to purchase individual meals or some smaller bundles of about five meals. Add your favorite meals to the cart and enjoy the food.

Key Features of True Fare

As mentioned below are among a few of the most notable features of True Fare:


True Fare meal delivery service is a service that delivers meals all around the United States.

All meal options are compatible with the Keto, Paleo, and Whole30 diet plans’ stricter diet plans.

Reliable and convenient

True Fare is a simple, easy-to-use, and reliable service that delivers meal kits.

From a wide range of recipes, you can choose your favorite one according to your preferences. 


Dietitians and nutritionists have approved all the meals of True Fare service.

So, you can enjoy tasty meals with nutritional value designed by professionals and dietitians as well.

You can conveniently order the food for any lifestyle. This service helps you get rid of all tensions related to grocery shopping. 

Easy to use

This service is convenient for everyone. Open the meal kit and heat the meal on strove or microwave, and enjoy.

Nutritional and fresh ingredients

All the ingredients used in preparing the recipe are fresh, and they are high in nutrition.

All the meals are gluten-free, reduced-calorie, low carb, and meat is also raised under strict observations.

The nutritional value of meals is mentioned to make it easy for the customers to select meals according to their dietary requirements.

Packaging quality

Good packaging is necessary for the safe delivery of any object. So, the True Fare meal delivery service is much conscious on that ground as well.

Their eco-friendly packaging helps them deliver their meal delivery intact and saves the environment from various hazards.

Like food quality, there is no compromise on packaging quality as well.

Promo Code of True Fare

Like many other meal kit delivery services in the United States, True Fare also gives various discounts to its customers. A few discount promo codes are following:

  • By using this promo code SPARTAN30, you can enjoy up to 50% off using this service.
  • You can get $50 off by using this promo code TRUE50

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What makes True Fare better than others?

True Fare stands behind an eco-friendly mission practically with its strict quality standards and restrictions.

All of its ingredients come from local farms. Organic chicken, heritage-breed pork, free-range turkey, and grass-fed beef make this meal delivery service make it a loved one, among others.

Types of Meals available at True Fare

True Fare features three different meal plans: 

AIP meals

AIP (autoimmune protocol) is a healing diet devoid of seeds, nuts, nightshades, seed-based spices, and eggs. 


True Fare meal delivery service offers a large breakfast menu. Such meal options adhere to Whole30, AIP, and paleo standards.

Whole30 meals

This meal plan is specially created that caters to the Whole30 diet plan. The Whole30 menus offer various dishes, such as smoked pulled pork, tandoori chicken, and turkey chili. 

Pros and Cons of True Fare

Like any other thing or service out there, True Fare also has certain pros and cons that are mentioned below: 


  • This offer goes well with foodies with some diet restrictions
  • It is the best option for Paleo and keto eaters  
  • A well-trained chef designed it
  • All of its meals adhere to Ketogenic, Paleo, and AIP diets
  • Its meals are made with grass-fed beef and organic produce


  • Shipping of meals costs a lot
  • Its menu offers limited weekly options

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Customer Reviews

Kari Buckmaster Belanger‎ says:

Pre-Made Paleo is the only way I’ve been able to stick to the AIP plan. The food has exceeded my expectations, both fresh and traditional.

Jeanine Moore Cowan‎ says:

Your meals have saved me during my whole 30. They are yummy and quick to prepare. I have even had to microwave them a few times at work, and they are still delicious! We will be ordering from you again! Thanks.

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Customer Service

The FAQs page is quite easily searchable and informative, and it covers answers to all of our common queries. 

You can also reach them by making a call, text, or even email at the details provided on their official website as well. 


True Fare comes with the customized meal options to select the menu according to your personal preferences, dietary needs, and lifestyle.

You can also choose family-friendly meals according to your family members and taste.

According to this True Fare Review, you can surely try this service if you do not suffer from severe food allergies. 

If you like True Fare Review, we recommend you to have a look at Healthy Chef Review  and Vegan Meal Delivery Services as well.

Thank you for reading our True Fare Review, we hope this turned out to be helpful for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is True Fare?

True Fare is a Paleo Meal Delivery Service that does not only offers Paleo Meals.

Unlike most meal delivery services on the market, it offers meals that are in complete accordance with the keto and AIP diets. 

What are the types of meals available at True Fare?

  • AIP meals
  • Breakfasts
  • Whole30 meals

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