Valley Food Storage Review – Read before Ordering

Every prepared person should have a supply of freeze-dried meals on hand.

After all, they provide a wide range of options, are typically simple to cook, and are widely accessible on the shelves of many supermarkets and outdoor stores.

Valley Food Storage was founded in 2005 in Utah to meet the rising need for food storage while also supplying high-quality products.

The company’s concept emphasizes food that contains no fillers, artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils, GMOs, or MSG.

When a salesperson contacted us and offered us some samples, we leaped at the chance to evaluate how they tasted in contrast to others we had eaten.

Valley Food Storage Review
Valley Food Storage Review


Meal Delivery ServicesValley Food Storage
Promo codevfs10, FSQ1-21
Key featuresGluten-free
Service start $ 11.11 per day
DistinctionEmergency preparedness
WebsiteClick Here

 What is Valley Food Storage?

What is Valley Food Storage?
What is Valley Food Storage?

It is a unique kind of service that ensures the preparedness for an emergency in case of a natural disaster or camping.

It is one of the cheapest emergency food suppliers and the best supplier if you wish to optimize taste, price, and quality.

Unless you are on a strict budget, we would surely recommend you spend a little extra to add a few fruit and vegetable buckets along with some protein packs to your supplies for a better experience.

There are a total of four sizes of packages that are designed to last an individual:

  • One year
  • Six months
  • Three months
  • One month

Why Choose Valley Food Storage

When it comes to the components used in their cuisine, Valley Food Storage adopts a no-nonsense approach.

They are committed to employing only natural, basic components. There are no GMOs, no fake waste, and no crap.

In fact, they encourage customers to compare their nutrition labels to those of their competitors.

There is a noticeable change. Simply pure and straightforward components that you can rely on.

A large calorie count is essential for survival meals, but the type of calories also counts.

As an inexpensive approach to increase calories, several firms add sweet items to their kits or load them up with rice.

Valley Food Storage does not operate in this manner. They keep their calorie counts high by including actual, wholesome meals rather than trash and fillers.

Valley Food Storage’s products are packaged in sealed mylar bags, and their website allows for comprehensive customization.

Yes, it is more expensive, but they feel the ultimate outcome is worthwhile.

All these no-nonsense things that Valley Food Storage offers is the reason why you should choose them.

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How to use Valley Food Storage?

Using Valley Food Storage, thanks to its efficient, fast, modern, and easy to use website platform does not take much of your time if you know what you want to get or order whether if it’s a single order or a subscription.

Let’s see how to use Valley Food Storage quickly and get your order done.

  • Go to which is their official website.
  • When you have landed there, you have to decide what you want to order and also if you want to get a single order or a subscription package (which could give you %10 of discount if you choose subscription package on their packs).
  • After choosing these details and you are ready to order your want, you can go ahead and click on the item where you can see the “add to cart” button on its page.
  • Once you click on the “add to cart” button, it will directly send you to the checkout page where you agree to the terms of use to move on to the last page of your order.
  • There, you have to write down your personal information such as address, e-mail, name, and other details to complete the order and for you to get your meal safe and sound.
  • After filling these details out, now you move onto the payment details where you need to make your payment so that they could process your order.
  • When you are finished with all these, made the payment, and such, you will get a confirmation receipt to your e-mail where it says that your order is set and being prepared.
  • Now, you can wait for your food at the said that you saw on the checkout.

Plans and Pricing

Valley Food Storage pricing
Valley Food Storage pricing
Starter Kits139.95$-394.95$
Long Term Kits299.95$-5,559.00$

Key features of Valley Food Storage

Nutritional and fresh ingredients

All the ingredients used in preparing the recipe are fresh, and they are high in nutrition.

All the meals are gluten-free, reduced-calorie, low carb, and meat is also raised under strict observations.

The nutritional value of meals is mentioned to make it easy for the customers to select meals according to their dietary requirements.


Dietitians and nutritionists have approved all the meals of this meal delivery service.

So, you can enjoy tasty meals with nutritional value designed by professional nutritionists and dietitians as well.

You can conveniently order the food for any lifestyle. This service helps you get rid of all tensions related to grocery shopping. 

Reliable and convenient

It is a simple, easy-to-use, and reliable service that delivers meal kits. From a wide range of recipes, you can choose your favorite one according to your preferences. 

Packaging quality

Good packaging is necessary for the safe delivery of any object. So, this service is much conscious on that ground as well.

Their packaging helps them deliver their meal delivery intact. Like food quality, there is no compromise on packaging quality as well.

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Promo Code of Valley Food Storage

  • Using this promo code vfs10, enjoy 10 % off with all-natural long-term food supplies.
  • Use this promo code FSQ1-21 to get free shipping of every order from this service.

What makes Valley Food Storage better than others?

With plenty of meal options and broad categories, you are free to choose meals for yourself. It offers a wide range of meals to choose from.

All the ingredients are gluten-free, include nutrients that are required by the body for normal function. All the food items are long-lasting and can keep for about 25 years.

Types of meals available at Valley Food Storage

Apple Oatmeal

Valley Food Storage’s Apple Oatmeal is produced with clean and simple ingredients that prioritize your family’s health and wellness while providing long-term food storage for up to 25 years!

Chicken a La King

Chicken a la King has a rich, creamy white sauce blended with rice and veggies, making it ideal for a simple family supper.

Entrée Bucket

This Entrée Bucket includes 12 bags including a selection of our most popular lunch and supper entrées.

These are dinners that the entire family will enjoy, fashioned from classic recipes using clean and simple ingredients.

Freeze Dried Meat Bucket

This bucket features a healthy assortment of freeze-dried meats such as chicken, sausage, and beef.

Freeze-dried protein is often hard to come by, so stock up while you can.

Freeze Dried Turkey Dices

Valley Food Store’s Freeze Turkey Dices has a 25-year shelf life and includes a protein that is essential to the human body, making it an important addition to your food storage. Each bag has 8 servings of freeze-dried Turkey Dices.

Valley Food Storage Pros and Cons


  • It’s every meal has a 25-year shelf life.
  • It allows a good selection of gluten-free, vegetarian, and dairy-free meals.
  • Besides fruit, vegetables, added protein options are also included in all long-term meal kits.
  • Valley Food Storage provides a range of various bulk food items.


  • It does not offer only gluten-free or dairy-free buckets at all
  • It meal take a longer time to cook than other competitors 

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Customer Reviews

Erin Jones says:
Best food, prices, and even customer service. Of course, they’re still human, so if there’s ever anything wrong with your order, call them, and they seriously fix it immediately and are so easy to work with. 

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Suzanna Wootton says:
They are the best! Best prices, best quality, and best customer service! Erin was so helpful when I called in to place an order!

Customer Service

Reaching out to Valley Food Storage for any kind of problem you might face about their services is definitely not hard because they offer a lot of different ways to reach to them both via e-mail and phone.

However, their phone service is only available between 9am and 5pm EST on weekdays.

You can reach out to them to solve your problem right away between these hours at 800.403.8182 and talk to them.

If you are out of working hours or just simply do not want to call them because it is not urgent.

You can shoot them an e-mail at [email protected] and wait for the answer there but it might take some time due to high order of volumes Valley Food Storage is facing.


Valley Food Storage comes with customized meal options to select the menu according to your own choice.

You can also choose family-friendly meals according to your family members and taste.

According to this Review, you can surely try this service if you do not suffer from severe food allergies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Family Table Rewards?

They understand that building a food supply is an investment, and they want to reward you for choosing to invest in our food.

As a “thank you,” they will offer you bigger discounts, rewards, and bonuses the more you shop with them. This free program is our way of giving back to you for believing in us.

Where is my Refund?

If you haven’t received a refund yet, first check with your bank or credit card company.

It may take some time before your refund is posted, typically 3-5 business days. If you’ve taken these steps, please contact us at [email protected].

Can I get samples for the Valley Food Storage meals before ordering?

You can only get a sample of the food occasionally and they are not available all the time, you have to be lucky to find the chance to get a sample one of their products but you can find these sample orders on their website,

Can I track my Valley Food Storage order?

As soon as the print label of your order is printed and put on the item, you will get a tracking number which allows you to track your meal throughout its journey and be ready when it is close to your – or at least ready to be delivered.

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