Yumble review 2022

Sometimes it’s hard to have your kids eat healthily: they don’t want to eat veggies, they ask for fast food or candies, and sometimes you don’t have the time to prepare healthy and tasty food for your children.

This is where the idea behind Yumble comes from and it’s genial: YUMBLE’s mission is to provide families with an easy solution to procure good, healthy, easy-to-cook food for their children and the whole family.

Let’s find out everything about it in our Yumble review.

Yumble review
Yumble Review


Meal Delivery ServiceYumble
Key featuresMeal delivery for kids
Service start$47.95 per week
WebsiteClick Here

What is Yumble

What is Yumble
What is Yumble

Yumble was born from Joanna, a mother of three and her idea.

As many mothers around the world, she was struggling to manage all the different aspects of her and her children’s life.

One of these aspects was nutrition which is – of course – one of the most important.

She had no time to cook proper food, her kids always refused to eat veggies or any healthy food, and she was feeling lost.

Instead of giving up, she came up with an idea that was a solution to her problem and the possibility of creating a new business: she founded Yumble, a meal delivery service focused on children’s needs.

The main aim was to create tasty, kid-friendly healthy meals to be delivered at the house of the clients.

The focus on children was the key point for her business: the website, menu, and every feature is made so that it can be attractive for children. But how does it works?

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How to use Yumble

  1. Create your account

To start ordering from Yumble, you first need an account. Just register with your credential and provide a paying method and your address. Before concluding any order, check if the service is available in your area. The system will notify you in any case if you provide an address that is out of their area.

  1. Pick your plan

Your first choice is about the plan: according to the plan you are picking you’ll have a certain number of meals per week. The plan is also what determines the price for your service.

  1. Pick your meals

Once you’ve chosen your plan, you can start picking your weekly menu. The available choices are many, and they are all designed to be attractive for kids. Of course, they are also suitable for adults, so that you can count on Yumble even for your meals, without having to find another one for the grown-up members of the family.

  1. Delivery

Yumble delivers directly at your door. Their meals are ready to eat and you only need to heat them.

Why choose Yumble

Yumble is the ideal choice for families with kids. As we’ve mentioned the entire service is focused on kids so that they can also be involved in the process of picking and ordering the meals.

Anyone who is struggling to get their kids eating healthy food or anyone who doesn’t have the time or capabilities to prepare healthy meals every day can find in Yumble the perfect ally.

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Price and plans

Price and plans Of Yumble
Price and plans Of Yumble

As we’ve mentioned, Yumblekids works with plans: you pick your plan, pay for it, and then you can choose your meals.

There are some plans available so that they can be suitable to a wide variety of needs.

These are the plans available:

  • Six meals per week: $47.97 ($7.99 per meal)
  • Eight meals per week: $55.92 ($6.99 per meal)
  • Twelve meals per week: $71.88 ($5.99 per meal)

As you can see the higher the number of meals you order every week, the lower the price for each meal.

All the prices above include shipment costs: you won’t be charged any additional cost for the delivery service.

  • Cancellation, skip, and trial period

Yumble doesn’t offer a trial, but any food delivery service does so (they would basically be giving their food away for free!).

If you want to give Yumble a try, you need o to subscribe to their service, pick the cheapest plan and try their meals for the first week.

If you decide they don’t work for you, you can simply cancel your subscription: just access your subscription page o their website and click cancel

What if you want to skip one delivery? That’s very simple, you can log into your account on the Yumbe website, click on “Upcoming Orders” and then click skip.

Yumble: Key Features

  1. Focused on kids

The most relevant key feature when we speak about Yumble is that their service is completely focused on kids, even though it’s still suitable for the whole family.

On the contrary, it would hardly be suitable for a family without kids, for example.

Everything in their service is customized for kids: their website is colored and fun, the names for their meals are fun, and the food itself is prepared and cooked to be attractive to children.

  1. It works with “pre-paid” plans

You can’t just order any number of meals with Yumble. This is both an advantage and disadvantage: on one side you can save some money by purchasing in bulk; on the other, it can be a little limiting.

For example, you can’t just order one meal if – for example – you want to try and taste Yumble’s food for the first time.

However, they provide three different plans so that you can customize their offer to your needs, and you can also save money on the cost of every single meal.

  1. Huge meal choice

With YUMBLE, you can pick your meals from a huge menu.

The menu is also very diverse and includes meals for any occasion: those you want to cook, those you only need to heat, cold meals, and also lunch boxes ready to be taken to school.

  1. Availability

The Yumble delivery service is available on the East Coast, Texas, California and part of the Midwest.

However, they are adding new delivery areas all the time, so check their website if you are interested!

On the home page of the Yumble website, you can enter your zip code to check if your area is served by their delivery service.

It’s the first thing you should do when ordering through Yumble.

  1. Customer support

Yumbe offers customer support via email or phone. Their team is always very responsive and you can ask about the meals or delivery services.

They are also open if your need to report any issue or suggest an improvement.

What makes Yumble better than others?

Yumble provides a very specific service, which is meal delivery customized for children and kids’ needs.

This is their strength: their clients are families with children and they are one of the most suitable meal delivery services for their needs.

Meals are also fair priced: their weekly subscription is affordable whether you want to only buy lunch boxes for your children or a lot of meals each week so that you are fully covered.

Type of food

We’ve mentioned so far that Yumble provides healthy meals for children, but what kind of food are they able to provide to your table?

First of all, Yumble lets you narrow the field of choice according to your allergies and intolerances: you can pick a gluten-free menu, dairy-free, soy-free or vegetarian menu.

Inside their menus, you’ll find meals suitable for lunch, dinner, lunch boxes and snacks. 

Furthermore, inside every menu meals, are listed by age groups (1-3, 4-8, 9-13).

Examples of Yumble meals are ravioli, green beans with tomatoes, cheese with broccoli, pasta with tomatoes, pizza pocket, and more.

The peculiarity is that every meal is made colored and fun to be attractive for kids.

Pros & Cons


  • Great idea that makes you able to provide healthy and tasty food to your children and saving time
  • Wide variety of choices


  • Only available in a few areas (check their website carefully before ordering)

Customer Reviews

Customers seem to appreciate many aspects of Yumble’s service: other than the quality of food and meals, they appreciate the variety of options, the price, and also the appeal of the website that is easy to interact with.

Every week, it’ll take less than 5 minutes to order the meals for the entire week.

Here are some of the customer reviews collected by Trustpilot:

I’m so glad I found Yumble

I’m so happy I found Yumble! Filling my son’s lunch is so more comfortable. It’s beneficial, and he loves it!

Yumble is a game-changer

Yumble is a game changer!

I have my son 6 days a week . To be transparent after work Tue thru Friday… 530 to 830 then Saturdays 2pm to Sunday 2pm

During the week I strumbled to get dinners made healthy and suitable for my son in a timely style By the time we actually get to the house it is 6pm or after and by then he is hungering.

Yumble takes all that away… all the guess work is done and in 60 to 90 seconds so is his food…Thanks for all you provide!

What’s not to love?

Great meals for even the pickiest eaters. Meals take very little time to prepare.

Company has friendly customer service and products are delivered in a timely manner and in great packaging to keep food fresh.

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If you have children and you’re struggling to prepare healthy meals for them for any reason, Yumble is the perfect solution.

It brings children-friendly meals directly at your door and they are also suitable for you!

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